An Aggressive Attorney after an Accident in San Benito, Texas, vs. an Aggressive Insurance Adjuster?

Most of the time you don’t want an aggressive person in your life. You don’t want an aggressive cashier such as the fabulous Pizzeria in Harlingen, you don’t want an aggressive babysitter for your child, and you most certainly don’t want an aggressive partner, although unfortunately some people do suffer from one.

semi wreck attorney

However, there are some occasions when an aggressive person is just what you need. If you happen to live in San Benito and have been involved in an auto accident, then an aggressive accident lawyer in San Benito is exactly what you DO need. You don’t want a lawyer who won’t fight for your rights, you want one who is as aggressive as the ones that the insurance companies employ.

And the insurance companies DO employ some very aggressive lawyers because it is entirely in their interests to do so.

A “Loss Adjuster”

Sure, when you see their advertisements on the TV in San Benito and elsewhere in Cameron County, and in the papers, they come across as caring and willing to help. That is until you have a claim against them. Then they change considerably. They employ a “loss adjuster” to look into your case. Why should your loss need “adjusting”? There is only one way he is going to “adjust” it, and it sure isn’t upwards!

Then of course they employ a team of lawyers whose job is exactly the same. To fight your case in court and get away with paying you as little as possible, and preferably nothing at all. And those lawyers are aggressive – of that you can be certain. They are getting paid to be aggressive, and the more aggressive and successful they are, the more they earn!

This is why you need an aggressive accident lawyer in San Benito to fight the case on your behalf. A lawyer who knows his way around the law as well as they do and can find all the holes in their argument and help you to win your case. On your own, you wouldn’t stand a chance, but with Villarreal Law Firm on your side you have every chance of getting every last cent that the law says you are due.

Our founder, Javier Villarreal loves his clients and he loves a fight. That’s why he is on the home page of his website with boxing gloves on: he loves nothing better than coming out of your corner, taking up the fight on your behalf and WINNING!

So, when you need an aggressive accident lawyer in San Benito, give Javier a call and join the many other clients for whom he has won millions and millions of dollars.

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