Don’t Look For A Trucking Accident Lawyer “Near Me”. Look For the Best Trucking Attorney in Brownsville, Instead!

This whole concept or searching on Google for a trucking accident lawyer “near me” is completely the wrong way to go about finding a lawyer. Certainly, if you have been involved in a trucking accident you will need a lawyer, because trucking accidents are almost never minor accidents. Trucks are great big heavy things and when you get hit by one there is far more chance of serious injury than an accident between two cars.

Get the best lawyer in Brownsville, Texas, for a car accident (not the nearest)

Of course, the truck driver’s insurance company is going to try to pay as little compensation as possible, because every dollar they can save is a dollar that goes on their bottom line. A dollar saved is a dollar profit, so at the end of the year the shareholders get a bigger dividend, the CEO and directors pat themselves on the back and award themselves obscene bonuses, and everybody’s happy – except the poor driver who got hit.

Don’t Search For A Trucking Accident Lawyer “Near Me”

But don’t go searching for a trucking accident lawyer “near me”. Yes, you want a lawyer that’s in Cameron County, hopefully right here in Brownsville, Texas, but the most important thing is not whether he’s in the next street to where you live or whether he’s 25 miles away – that’s not important. The most important thing is that you want the BEST trucking accident lawyer in Brownsville, and that means one with a good track record who will fight for you tooth and nail to get you the compensation that you deserve and not the paltry few dollars that the insurance company would like to pay you.

In Cameron County, the best trucking accident lawyer would be us, at Villarreal Law Firm. Fighting accident cases on behalf of our clients against the big insurance companies is what we do all day and every day, and we have won millions upon millions of dollars for our clients. We are in Brownsville, so if you are in Brownsville we are very local to you. However, if you’re in Harlingen, South Padre Island, Santa Rosa, Mercedes, Los Fresnos, Rio Hondo, or anywhere else, it is well worth your while to come over to Brownsville and talk to us, because when it comes to trucking accidents we are the experts.

What’s more, we offer a free initial consultation, so that will cost you nothing, and if we take on your case we work on a contingency basis. That means that you don’t pay us a cent until we have won your case for you! As you can imagine, we work very hard indeed to get you the maximum amount of compensation.

So now you know: don’t search for a trucking accident lawyer “near me.” Search for directions to Villarreal Law Firm, 2401 Wild Flower Dr. Brownsville, Texas 78526.

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