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Here in South Texas, people take a lot of pride in “fighters.” Boxing, for example, is a passion among many residents of Brownsville, Harlingen and other cities or town in South Texas and on the border. In fact, you could argue that people in South Texas are so tough that there’s little that scares them. That’s true. But another thing about South Texas and the folks here in the Rio Grande Valley is that they’re very respectful. This is a region of the country, and a special place in Texas where folks play by the rules, say hello to each other in the stores, and say “Yes Ma’am and No Sir” to the elders. In both the Anglo-American and Hispanic cultures – both of which are a proud culture in this region – there is a special place for family and for respect.

That’s why when an accident happens or some type of personal injury people can feel conflicted. On the one hand, they’re fighters and they want someone to fight for their rights. But on the other hand, they’re respectful and tradition-minded and they may have reservations in terms of “fighting” especially when that “fight” can mean taking on a big company like an insurance company or big corporation. The big insurance companies and big corporations, after all, have their own teams of lawyers and – let’s face it – they may be taking advantage of the culture of tradition and respect that is so prevalent in Cameron County and all the cities and towns whether it’s a big city like Brownsville, or a small town like Olmito or Los Indios, Texas.

A Need for a Personal Injury Lawyer Who Will Fight For You

But, let’s say that you’re in an accident whether a car accident, a trucking accident, or some other type of accident. At that point, you’re up against a big corporation or an insurance company, and you need a fighter. You can’t take the sweet talk of the insurance company or the big corporation at face value; you need to fight. That brings you to the need for a really good personal injury lawyer, a personal injury lawyer who is considered one of the best personal injury lawyers in Brownsville, in Harlingen and throughout the Rio Grande Valley. You need an accident attorney who will fight for you. Someone who is both respectful of traditions and respects the law, but also realizes that sometimes – within the parameters of the law – you need a fighter. Javier Villarreal and the team of personal injury lawyers are lawyers you will fight for you.

If you’ve experienced an accident of any type, call us BEFORE you sign anything, and BEFORE you make any type of agreement with an insurance company or big corporation. They have your attorneys, and you need yours. You need a fighter, and a fighter who knows personal injury law. Call us as soon as possible.

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