Getting Hit by a Truck Can Cause Serious Injury. Villarreal Law Firm Can Help

Trucks are big beasts and if you get hit by one when you are out on the roads in Brownsville and the surrounding areas you will know all about it. Even an unladen 18-wheeler can weigh in at about 16 tons, but a fully loaded one can be more like 35 tons. When you get something that heavy hitting you at 50 mph there is only going to be one “winner”, and it most certainly isn’t you.

Get compensation for a truck accident with the help of Villarreal.

The injuries that a driver or passenger in an ordinary car, van, or even small truck can suffer can be massive. They can take years from which to recover, and, indeed, you may never fully recover. And, of course, there can sometimes be fatalities. Nobody, and nothing, can alter those facts, and that is why the law says that you deserve some financial compensation for your loss.

However, here is the problem. And we see this on a daily basis at Villarreal Law Firm because our only job, as trucking accident attorneys, is to fight for the rights of those who have been injured or suffered loss in road accidents, especially trucking accidents.

Compensation Can Run Into Millions

The problem is that the compensation that the law says you should have can run into hundreds of thousands, and sometimes millions, of dollars. That compensation is not going to be paid by the driver of the truck, nor yet his employers, because they simply do not have that kind of money. That is why the law says that they have to take out insurance cover, and so it is ultimately the insurance company that is going to have to pay.

Do insurance companies enjoy paying out hundreds of thousands of dollars? You can bet they don’t. They will fight tooth and nail against that. What that means is that you will finish up in court, and that is why you need us as trucking accident attorneys to fight on your behalf in order to see that you get the compensation that you deserve.

The insurance companies employ expensive lawyers to try to reduce your compensation to the absolute minimum, and preferably nothing at all. Our job, as trucking accident attorneys, is to fight those lawyers in court to see that you get the right amount of compensation.

The good news is that we work for free! At least, we do if we don’t get you any compensation. We don’t charge you a single cent unless, or until, we win your case. Only then do you pay us a previously agreed fee out of the compensation that the insurance company has to pay you.

When you use Villarreal Law Firm, you cannot possibly lose. 

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