If You Are Injured in a Car Wreck You Have Certain Legal Rights under Texas Law

Car wrecks happen all the time in Cameron County, partly because of all the big trucks that head to and from Valley International Airport.

After a car wreck you need an attorney to protect your rights.

It is bad enough if you are in a wreck with another car, but those 18-wheelers are monstrous and can cause serious damage.

The point is that, if you have been injured in a car wreck you have certain rights according to Texas law. That means that, in turn, you will need the services of a car wreck attorney, such as our legal team at Villarreal Law Firm, who understand the law and what your rights are.

You need to talk to our attorneys even if you think that the car wreck may have been your fault. You could have been at a crossroads and didn’t see the other vehicle, but what if there was a bend and the other vehicle was exceeding the speed limit? You may not have seen it until it was too late, but if it was speeding, is that your fault? Very probably not.

Do you see why you need a car wreck attorney here in Brownsville, Texas, when you have been in any sort of car wreck, whether you may think it was your fault or not?

Then there can be other situations where, for example, the insurance company for the other driver puts its’ hands up, agrees it was their insured’s fault, and offers you, say, $20,000. Now that’s a nice chunk of money, and you may be very tempted to grab it.

Hang On A Bit

But hang on a moment. Insurance companies are not noted for their keenness to pay out, so why did they offer you $20,000 just like that? In “full and final settlement”, of course. That’s legal terminology for saying that $20,000 is all you will get, no matter what someone may say afterwards. But suppose you should have been awarded $50,000 in compensation? That is very likely the reason that they offered you $20,000 so quickly. If you accept that, it saves them $30,000, and insurance companies are always on the lookout for the best bang for their buck.

You have to understand that insurance companies hate to pay out, so if they offered you a quick $20,000 in this case, that is why they did it. It’s not because they feel sorry for you!

Can you see why you need a car wreck attorney and that you need to contact us at Villarreal Law Firm after any sort of accident? Our Brownsville-based lawyers are experts, and they know what sort of compensation you should get, and they will fight the insurance company tooth and nail to ensure that you get it!

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