If You are Involved in a Car Accident in Harlingen, Choosing a Lawyer is Serious

If you are involved in a car accident in Harlingen, or anywhere else, the first thing to do is to pull over and make certain that everyone else has as well.

The next thing to do is to find a lawyer to represent you, so you will probably look for reviews for car wreck lawyers in Harlingen, which is a good idea. After all, as with any other business or profession there are those firms that are great, and of course there are some that are not so great.

car accident lawyers in Brownsville TexasThe latter can often be because many law firms do not specialize, so they may only undertake a few car wreck cases a year and they simply don’t have the expertise of firms that do specialize.

This is why, when looking for reviews for car wreck lawyers in Harlingen, you need to be certain that the reviews are of specialist firms, because you might find a very good review for a firm which doesn’t specialize in auto accident claims but just got lucky one time. If you have been in a car wreck, you don’t want to trust to luck when choosing a law firm, you want one with a good track record of successful cases.

Some Car Wreck Lawyers Are NOT In Harlingen

You may also find, when searching for reviews for car wreck lawyers in Harlingen, that you come across one or two that are NOT in Harlingen. At Villarreal Law Firm we can categorically state that we are not in Harlingen because we are in Brownsville – not that it’s very far away as it’s less than 30 minutes’ drive. We can also categorically state that we DO specialize in car wreck cases because we have a team of expert lawyers who do it all day and every day, and a lot of those cases involve car wrecks in Harlingen because it seems to get more than its fair share as there are so many trucks going to Valley International Airport.

We have a long track record of successful cases regarding auto accidents in Harlingen and we have recovered millions and millions of dollars for our clients. Our mission is to help people who have been involved in Harlingen auto accidents to recover the amount of compensation that the law says is due to them, rather than the pittance that the insurance companies would like to pay out. All insurance companies employ teams of lawyers whose job is to see to it that they pay out as little as possible, or better still, nothing at all.

Our job is to fight them on your behalf – and win!

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