If You Are Involved in a Harlingen Car Wreck, It’s Not Easy to Find a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you are involved in a car wreck in Harlingen that is not your fault, then you will need a personal injury lawyer to help you get the compensation that you deserve. Finding one of those in Harlingen is not easy because, for some reason, most lawyers are based in nearby Brownsville or McAllen.

The best Harlingen personal injury attorney is in Brownsville

That is true of us at Villarreal Law Firm as well. We are based in Brownsville at 2401 Wild Flower Dr. But that is why, if you want the best personal injury attorney in Harlingen, you need to come to Brownsville. We do have a lot of satisfied clients who are residents in Harlingen and who have been involved in a car wreck. This is because there are many accidents in and around Valley International Airport because of all the trucks running back and forth.

The simple fact is that there are not many attorneys in the area who are specialists in personal injury. However, at Villarreal Law Firm we are true specialists in personal injury because we don’t do anything else. Sure, we could handle your divorce or do your conveyancing when you move home. We’re lawyers. But we don’t. We just deal with personal injury. And it is for that reason that we are regarded as the best personal injury attorney in Harlingen, and in fact the whole of Cameron County.

We Are Like Any Other Specialist

In that sense we are like any other specialist. For instance, as an example, if you wanted new electrical circuits installed in your home you wouldn’t call an odd job man – not if you have any sense. You’d call a fully qualified electrician because he’s a specialist. Same thing applies when you need to claim for personal injury.

We know how to tackle the big insurance companies who don’t want to pay out on a huge compensation claim for personal injury – whatever the cause. We do work on a lot of car wreck cases because there are so many of them, but you might be injured working on scaffolding, digging underground and striking an electrical cable because your employer failed to do all the necessary checks, or being attacked by a bull when walking through a field because the farmer hadn’t made the fencing secure.

Whatever the cause, if you have suffered personal injury because of the fault of someone else, then you deserve compensation for it, and for that you need the best personal injury attorney in Harlingen or wherever else it occurred. That would be us at Villarreal Law Firm.

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