If You Have Been Injured in a Road Accident in Brownsville You May Need to See an Attorney

There are many posts about what to do after a car accident. A lot of this is self-evident. Keep safe. Help yourself, your passengers, and even the folks in the other vehicle. Call the police and/or ambulance if necessary. The immediate thing is to take care of people.

Car wreck attorney in Los Fresno, Texas

However, after that, when the dust has settled, there is something else that you should know what to do after a Brownsville car accident, and that is to call an attorney.

Furthermore, knowing what to do after a Brownsville car accident is one thing, but you don’t want to call just any attorney. You need an attorney to fight your case who is a specialist in doing this kind of work because it is very different from conveyancing when you are moving home or filing for divorce. And this is where we come in at Villarreal Law Firm because we are just that: specialists in fighting insurance companies that don’t like to pay out thousands – and even hundreds of thousands – of dollars to someone who has been injured in a car accident by a person that they have insured.

It’s Not Personal. It’s an Accident!

You should know that when an insurance company fights your claim it is nothing personal. It is not because they don’t like you. It is just because they don’t like paying out. They don’t like paying anybody. So they will go to great lengths to reduce your claim as much as possible. It is simply routine to them. The less they pay out, the more profit they make.

This is why they employ expensive lawyers in and around South Texas whose only job is to reduce the amount that they have to pay to as low as possible, and preferably zero. In fact, if they can reduce your claim to nothing, they will all go down to the bar after work and it’s trebles all round!

So, while knowing what to do after a Brownsville car accident is one thing, the other thing is that you have to do it. You can’t fight those big, bad boys on your own, so you need us in your corner because we are as big and bad as they are. If we weren’t, we wouldn’t have obtained over $500 million in verdicts and settlements – and counting – for our clients to date. And if you have been injured in a Brownsville car accident that wasn’t your fault, you deserve your share of that pie.

So yes: make sure everyone is safe. Then call us for an appointment.

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