Responsible people are aware of the importance of paying taxes and buying insurance. Both are not fun but a part of life. And if you are up-to-date on both, it could save your financial future. 

Motorcycle Accident in the RGV

Of course, not everyone thinks this way. There are plenty of irresponsible folks who’d rather skip car insurance. The Texas Department of Transportation states at least one-fifth, or three million, Texans don’t carry car insurance. These folks are willing to take their chances and risk their personal security. And many drive the same way they think, too fast without regard for others. If one of these free-wheeling drivers collides with your car, it’s wise you’re carrying uninsured motorist coverage!

Allstate Insurance provides a great video explaining uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage ( 

An Uninsured Motorist Can Ride with Two Wheels or Four

People who don’t carry insurance can drive cars or motorcycles. Let’s face it. Lots of them do it in Brownsville, McAllen, and other border communities. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that many irresponsible people do not carry required insurance. And motorcycles are by far the most dangerous mode of transportation. Unsurprisingly, the data shows motorcycles appeal to the “rebel lifestyle” and those who play fast with the rules. Per the NHTSA (U.S. Dept of Transportation), in 2021, motorcyclists were 4 times more likely to be injured and 24 times more likely to die from a crash. 

A driver in an accident with an uninsured motorcyclist will need an accident lawyer. Let that attorney speak to the other party. We won’t allow them to shrug their shoulders and say they can’t do anything to repair the damage they caused. An accident lawyer can deal with the uninsured motorist and determine where the money is. If the other party is at fault, they owe you fair compensation and should not be allowed to walk away. Even when your insurance company sends a settlement check, the other party may have more resources than you think.

Thank you for being a responsible motorist in the RGV!

We appreciate residents who care for business and purchase a solid car accident insurance policy. And if you are a responsible motorist here in the Rio Grande Valley, know we have your back. Motor vehicle insurance is a tricky thing. Some companies do right by their customers but can also hesitate to fully pay out a claim. If you’ve got insurance coverage and are now struggling to get fully compensated by your own insurance adjustor, contact us. 

And if you are in the process of getting or updating your car insurance policy, the Texas Department of Insurance has an online insurance guide in both English and Spanish:

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