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If you’re looking for a Los Fresnos TX accident Lawyer, you might find that the best personal injury lawyer in Los Fresnos works out of nearby Brownsville! Nuestros abogados en Los Fresnos que hablan español están listos para ayudarle!

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    Los Fresnos Texas is a wonderful community with about 8,100 people. That said, the accident rate in the community is above average. We see more than our fair share of inquiries from accident victims seeking out the best personal injury lawyer in Los Fresnos.  Our attorney speak Spanish, so if you’re looking for an “abogado de accidentes en Los Fresnos,” please call us and let our Spanish-speaking staff assist you. 

    If you’ve suffered an accident in Cameron County in or around Los Fresnos, Texas,  don’t delay. It might be a simple car accident. It might a trucking accident. Or it might be a multi-vehicle accident. Regardless, the best next step is to reach out to our legal team to discuss possible settlements.


    Los Fresnos is a suburb of Brownsville located in Cameron County and was founded in 1915. The town’s name is Spanish for “The Ash Trees,” which were abundant in the area. It is part of the Brownsville–Harlingen–Raymondville and the Matamoros-Brownsville metropolitan areas. Los Fresnos is near the 69E Interstate and below San Benito. It is located only 14 miles away from the beaches and activities of South Padre Island.

    According to, the town ranks #164 of 415 with the lowest cost of living. 62% of residents own homes, while 38% rent. Founded by Hispanic ranchers, the ranching culture thrives today. The area has a very active 4-H club that supports the annual Los Fresnos Rodeo.


    Los Fresnos is considered safe to live in and raise a family. Los Fresnos may provide a quiet lifestyle, but personal injury accidents can still occur. Injury cases can happen for reasons such as; medical malpractice, product liability, workplace accidents, oil field accidents, and wrongful death. A personal injury attorney can help fight insurance companies for fair compensation to cover medical bills and recovery costs. 

    Many personal injury cases involve motorcycle accidents. Los Fresnos residents may wan to drive ride a motorcycle to nearby areas to enjoy activities and a robust nightlife. That can include driving Interstate 69E, State Highway 100, or Old Port Isabel Road, Route 11.

    If a Texan has been in an accident, they may need to speak to a motorcycle crash lawyer in Los Fresnos. The JV Law team can help both English and Spanish-speaking local residents.


    Q. I live in Los Fresnos but was in an accident near Brownsville, Texas. Does that matter?

    A. It doesn’t matter if a local was hit by a big rig on the way to Brownsville or been in a motorcycle crash in South Padre Island. The best bi-lingual lawyer near Los Fresnos can help manage the case if personal injuries are involved. Javier Villarreal califica como uno de los mejores abogados de lesiones personales en el sur de Texas.

    Q. Do I call a personal injury lawyer depending on what type of 18-wheeler hit me?

    A. There are many types of commercial trucks on the roads in and around Los Fresnos, and any of them can crash into a car. Locals should not be concerned about what kind of big rig caused the accident. The focus should be on contacting the best trucking accident attorney nearby. The trucking company will aim to settle for as cheaply as possible. That could mean paying out of pocket for unforeseen damages related to a trucking accident. It’s best to call a truck accident attorney before talking to the commercial carrier’s insurance representative.

    Q. The insurance carrier won’t cover my motorcycle accident claim because they say I was speeding.

    A, Motorcycles are highly vulnerable to being hit by big trucks. Even the best rider can collide with an 18-wheeler. Injuries can be severe for those who survive the crash and are sent to the hospital. Motorcycle accidents can result in head trauma or the loss of a limb. For these reasons, recovery can span a few months to the rest of one’s life. Settling for compensation must involve all the factors of a motorcycle/truck crash. Please don’t accept a truck company’s insurance carrier argument to avoid paying. Speak to a motorcycle accident attorney for help.

    Here is an example of a motorcycle crash near Farm-to-Market Road.

    Q. A loved one died unexpectedly; do we have a wrongful death case?

    A. If a family member died suddenly from the actions of another, it could be a case for a wrongful death attorney. According to the CDC, accidents rank #4 in U.S. Deaths. Wrongful deaths can involve faulty equipment, a shooting, traffic-related and pedestrian accidents. The grief over losing a loved one can be overwhelming. If the deceased is a family’s primary source of income, it can also be financially devastating. A family deserves justice, and quickly speaking to a Los Fresnos wrongful death lawyer is essential.

    Driving Directions to the Villarreal Law Firm from Los Fresnos, Texas

    Here are driving directions from Los Fresnos to our law firm office in Brownsville. If you are coming for a free case evaluation with a personal injury attorney from Weslaco, you can use these directions, or – of course – put our law firm address in your phone or GPS.

    1. Get on I-2/US-83 E from S Texas Blvd and E Expressway 83/E Frontage Rd/U.S. 83 Frontage Rd S
    2. Follow I-2/US-83 E and I-69E S/US-77 S to Frontage Rd/North Expy in Brownsville. Take exit 4 from I-69E S/US-77 S/US-83 S
    3. Follow Frontage Rd and W Ruben M Torres Sr Blvd to Wild Flower Dr
    4. Arrive at 2401 Wild Flower Dr, Brownsville, TX 78526


    Personal injury law, of course, is the area of the law that covers what most people think of they want to sue another party (often a corporation or an insurance company) for damages. Here are some of the areas that we can help you if you are in Weslaco and/or the accident or even happened in Weslaco, Texas –

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      A Factoid About Los Fresnos, Texas

      Throughout this time Los Fresnos was primarily a farming community, gradually increasing its population to 1,500 by the mid-1960s. The population steadily increased over the following decades to the present day to number about 6,000 within the actual city limits and to over 16,000 encompassing all the adjacent communities. With new real estate developments utilizing much of the surrounding farmland, the crop of the future for this area is housing. Given this history and Los Fresnos’ proximity to the United States border with Mexico, it should not be a surprise to learn that Los Fresnos is a magnificent mixture of people and cultures. Today, Los Fresnos’ population is roughly 84% Hispanic, 14% white non-Hispanic, and 2% of a variety of other backgrounds that add their unique influence on the community. Los Fresnos, part cow town, part farm community, very Texan, always a vibrant All-American city! Source:

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