Maybe the Best Personal Injury Lawyer in Harlingen is in Brownsville

There are all sorts of incidents that can cause personal injury, and even death, and they are by no means limited to auto accidents. Certainly, those do cause a lot of damage, but many other things can do so as well, such as slip and fall accidents, which are the #2 cause of accidents in the US after auto wrecks.

Many incidents can cause personal injury.

Many people find that hard to believe, but slip and fall accidents do indeed cause a lot of damage and injury, and in most cases it is due to the condition of the floor in the building concerned, or things like tears in a carpet, faulty floorboards, spills which have not been cleaned up, or even rainwater tramped in from outside.

As the leading personal injury lawyers in Harlingen, at JV Law Firm we see these every day. Slips and falls are most usually due to the condition of the floor which could of itself be extremely slippery just by the nature of the type of floor surface itself. There is no need for a lot of these injuries because there is a test called the Pendulum Test which can determine the slipperiness of a floor surface when wet or dry. There is a sliding scale, and if it is below 36 the floor surface is considered dangerous.

This Could Be Due To Ignorance But You May Still Be Entitled To Compensation

In fact, as personal injury lawyers in Harlingen, we know that there are many different products that can be applied to floor surfaces to bring them up to, and way beyond the magic figure of 36, yet a lot of building owners and operators don’t do this. While this may be due to sheer ignorance because they didn’t realize their floor could be dangerous, that doesn’t alter the fact that if you suffer a slip and fall as a result, causing you injury, then you are still entitled to claim compensation from them.

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