Not Just the Best Brownsville Accident Lawyers but Also ‘El Mejor Abogado de Choques’

If you are involved in any sort of accident that was not your fault, in most cases you will be entitled to compensation.

Accident lawyers who can help you in English or Spanish.

It depends upon the extent of any damage and also any injuries that you may have sustained. If there is only a few hundred dollars involved, then most insurance companies will pay out without too much argument. However, when it comes to larger amounts they do not like to pay out and so will argue and even fight the case in court.

This is why, under those circumstances, you will need the best accident lawyer in Brownsville on your side, or if you are Hispanic, “el mejor”. 

So, do you need the “Mejor Abogado de Accidentes” or “Best Accident Lawyer” in Brownsville? Well, at Villarreal Law Firm we are both! Yes, si, we are fluent in both languages. We speak to you in whichever tongue you prefer.

Gran Beneficio

This is a big benefit, gran beneficio, for a large majority of the population in Brownsville and the surrounding area, because by far the largest ethnic group in Brownsville is Hispanic – 94.7% at the last count!

Whether you need the “Mejor Abogado de Accidentes” or “Best Accident Lawyer” in Brownsville, you will want to converse in whichever language is the easiest for you. So, for instance, if you are of Spanish descent, you won’t want to sit talking to someone using complicated legal terms in English, and of course vice versa.

Whichever is your preferred language, the fact is that you need a specialist lawyer to help you if you have to fight an insurance company for compensation. As we said – como dijimos – when there are large sums of money involved, insurance companies are not going to give in easily, so you need a lawyer who knows how to fight them on their own battleground. Not only that but fight them and win!

Not only are we experts at getting the compensation you deserve (we have recovered over $500 million for clients in the last few years!) but you don’t have to pay us a single cent until we have obtained your money.

That’s right! Asi es! Whether you want “Mejor Abogado de Accidentes” or “Best Accident Lawyer” in Brownsville, we work entirely on what is called a contingency basis. We will agree a fee with you before we start work which will be based on the amount of compensation that we obtain. So, in the highly unlikely event that we didn’t get you any money, you wouldn’t pay us anything.

This is great for you because it means that you don’t have to put any money down whatsoever. You only pay when we win!

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