Oil Accidents in South Texas; Yes, Oil Accident Attorneys Are Necessary!

The oil industry in Texas is very large, both in the State and in the Gulf. When you work on an oil rig in the Gulf you might well be called a roughneck.

However, it is sad to relate but accidents on oil rigs in the Texas Gulf are quite commonplace. If you are injured in an accident on a rig, you need the services of an oil industry accident attorney. At Javier Villarreal Law Firm we have an office in Brownsville and we have the experience that you need to fight your case if you have an oil rig accident. (Check out some of the stats on the Texas Oil Industry, here.)

Oil Industry Accident Attorney

The problem that most people don’t seem to understand is that when you have an accident you are immediately faced with a battle. It’s you on the one side, and the powerful oil industry attorneys on the other side. You might think that all you need to do is to fill in a claim form – if you were at fault – and let your insurance company deal with it. After all, that’s what your insurance company is for and why you pay for insurance in the first place. But no. Far from being all sweetness and light when you pay your premiums, your insurance company (and that of the big oil companies) is now going to keep your claim to an absolute minimum.

Some people don’t seem to realize that every cent that your insurers can reduce your claim by is another cent on their bottom line. Of course, if someone else is at fault and you are taking on their insurance company, the same thing applies.

Texas Oil Accident Attorneys: Some Make a Lot of Money

Insurance companies employ highly qualified oil industry accident lawyers (on the defense side) whose sole job is to keep the claim to a minimum. These lawyers get paid six figures a year to reduce their client’s liability as much as possible. If you try and fight them yourself they will run rings around you. They might look very smart with their expensive suits and legal language, but they are actually a pack of wolves.

This is why you need an oil industry accident lawyer whether in Brownsville, Harlingen, or South Padre Island, that is equally well trained and has the ability to fight these people at their own game. One of the advantages of working with Villarreal Law Firm is that our reputation spreads far and wide and you get the immediate benefit of our “tough trial lawyer” reputation. We’re known as one of the best personal injury law firms in Brownsville and surrounding towns here in the Rio Grande Valley.

Once we are on your side, you can rest easy. Apart from anything else, that alone makes the opposition sit up and take notice. We are going to come out fighting and they know it. When our lawyers are on your case, it happens quite often that the other side is quietly advised by their lawyers to back off and pay up, rather than continue to fight a case that is simply going to cost them a lot more and that they will probably lose anyway.

So when you need the services of an accident attorney who “gets” the oil industry and its accidents, you know who to call.

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