Spring And Summer Are Peak Times For Boating Accidents, so Call a Boat Accident Lawyer

Although it might seem like a comment from the UIO (University of the Immediately Obvious) it’s a fact that Spring and Summer are the peak times for boating accidents around South Padre island and other areas of the coast.

Boatin Accident Attorney in South Padre IslandThis is when many people get out on to the water to have some fun. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that, but the fact is that there are far too many boating accidents around the Gulf Coast. Even one is too many.

Many people operating boats of all descriptions do so after having been drinking alcohol. Most people know that all states have DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) laws, but may not be aware that they also have BUI laws – boating under the influence – which operate in much the same way. Over half of all boating accidents involve alcohol or drugs, and alcohol is the major factor in fatal boating accidents.

Boating is a lot of fun, but there can be serious accidents. Boating collisions, jet ski accidents, speedboat wrecks, and barge accidents can all lead to fatalities and quite often do. Boating accidents are not always drug or alcohol related, but may also be a result of young drivers who are not being properly supervised, or boats that have not been properly serviced and/or have faulty parts.

Attorney Who Work on Boating Accidents in South Padre Island, Texas

If you should be involved in a boating accident, you need the services of a South Padre Island boating accident attorney. Villarreal Law Firm has attorneys that are fully versed in all the problems caused by boating accidents, which are almost always serious and often involve fatalities.

It is quite one thing being able to get out of a car or truck that has been involved in an accident, but something else altogether if you are in a boat that sinks half a mile off shore and you cannot swim. In many incidents it is not a collision that causes injury or death, but what happens afterwards. You can get pulled under by the current and suffer brain damage or worse, through lack of oxygen. The engine could explode before you have been able to get far enough away from the boat.

When you need a South Padre Island boating accident attorney, contact Villarreal Law Firm. We have the knowledge that is needed to deal with boating accidents and to see to it that injured parties get the compensation that they are due.

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