The ‘Big’ City of Harlingen is ‘Big’ in terms of Car Wrecks

Harlingen is a big city, but not in terms of population which is only 65,000 or so. But it is big in terms of auto accidents. This is probably because it is a transportation center, with Valley International Airport being very busy. Harlingen Industrial Estate next door also brings a lot of traffic.

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If you have been in a car wreck and need auto accident attorneys in Harlingen you are best coming to Brownsville to see Javier Villarreal Law Firm because we have a team that specializes in personal injury claims in Cameron County and we often help people who have been injured in Harlingen auto accidents to recover the damages which are rightfully theirs.

Some accidents are only minor but can still cause injuries which keep you off work for several weeks when you don’t get paid. Others can be serious and may mean that you can never work again, and will need a carer to look after you, in which case the damages can be substantial. Still others, sadly, can be fatal, especially when involving motorcyclists. In fact, the federal government in 2015 estimated that, per mile traveled, the number of motorcyclist fatalities was no less than 29 times the number of car accident fatalities. There were over 5,000 motorcyclist fatalities in 2016.

Specialists In Personal Injury Claims; Call a Harlingen Attorney

If you have suffered any sort of injury as a result of a car wreck or motorcycle wreck in Harlingen and need auto accident attorneys in Harlingen, then come and talk to Javier Villarreal Law Firm in Brownsville. We are specialists in personal injury claims: it’s what we do. In the last few years we have recovered millions of dollars for people injured in car wrecks in and around Harlingen and the rest of Cameron County.

We are the leading auto accident attorneys in Harlingen, even though we are located in Brownsville. When you have been in a car wreck that wasn’t your fault, you can bet that the insurance company for the driver of the car or truck that hit you is going to instruct its’ legal team to make every effort to low ball your claim for damages. That’s is why they employ loss adjusters. There is only one way that a loss adjuster is going to “adjust” your claim and you can bet your sweet life that it isn’t going to be upwards! He gets paid by the insurance company after all!

So if you have been involved in a no fault accident in Harlingen, come and talk to us at JV Law Firm. We offer a completely free consult.

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