Truck Wrecks Can Be Severe, So You Need an Attorney who Specializes

If you have been in a trucking wreck with a semi you are going to need the services of a specialized trucking wreck attorney in South Texas. Those things are big and can weigh up to 80,000 lbs when fully loaded and can do a horrendous amount of damage.

Accident attorney in Brownsville, TexasOK, if you have just been in a fender bender you might not need an attorney at all, but those big semis or trucks are an entirely different ball game.

It can get very complicated because commercial licenses and commercial insurance comes into the picture, and unfortunately the severity of injuries is often horrific. This is why you need a specialized trucking wreck attorney in South Texas. If you have life changing injures it may mean that you can never work again, so you are quite rightly going to be looking for a life changing amount of compensation in order to take care of it.

This is why you need to talk to the trucking wreck attorneys at Villareal Law Firm. Our team specializes in trucking accidents and between us we have recovered over $500 million for our clients. Trucks today are sophisticated pieces of machinery, but they are big, and they require regular maintenance. All sorts of problems can occur if they are not serviced at the required intervals – possibly because of the owner trying to save a few bucks by avoiding the service when needed.

If this happens and the truck is subsequently involved in an accident because, say, the brakes failed, or the tow hitch failed, then the owner of the truck could be personally liable for damages.

There Could Be Problems With The Driver

However, the owner of the semi may be conscientious and have his trucks serviced regularly, but there could be problems with the driver. Truck drivers are not allowed to drive for more than 11 hours straight, and must take at least a ten hour break every day. However, in a bid to earn more money, quite a number of drivers may ignore this rule and drive for longer, thus becoming tired. They may resort to stimulants to keep awake. A tired diver on the roads is a menace and a danger to everybody. Equally, some drivers may use illegal drugs.

Then again, an accident may be caused because a road is not properly signposted, traffic lights are not working, or the road is poorly paved and has pot-holes. In this case the city could be liable for damages.

You can see just how complicated all this can be, which is why you need a specialized trucking wreck attorney in South Texas if you have been involved in an accident of that nature.

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