Trucking Accidents Are Happening More Often In Harlingen

The roads in Harlingen are getting busier by the day as it seems that there are more flights to and from Valley International Airport, and with the development of the 457 acres of Harlingen Aerotropolis Industrial Park right next door.

Brownsville Auto Accident LawyerThis means that there are a considerable number more trucks on the road, which in turn means more trucking accidents.

If you are involved in a trucking accident you need one of the best trucking accident lawyers in Harlingen, and that’s us. No, we are not actually in Harlingen – we’re in Brownsville – but it’s only a half hour drive and we are known far and wide as the best lawyers in South Texas when it comes to claiming compensation for accidents of all descriptions.

The problem with trucks is that they are very large pieces of equipment and very heavy, especially when they are fully loaded. The result is that if you are involved in an accident with a truck you can suffer from very serious injury. As some of the best trucking accident lawyers in Harlingen, Texas, our job is to use our skills and years of knowledge to establish who is to blame and claim the just compensation that you are due.

Lack Of Maintenance is One Cause of Trucking Accidents

There are all sorts of reasons for trucking accidents in Cameron County and, perhaps surprisingly, lack of maintenance is one. Trucks need regular maintenance in order to be safe and secure on the roads and if the truck company fails to carry out regular maintenance – even if it is only missing one routine service – all sorts of things can be wrong. Brakes may fail, lights may not be working correctly, there may be engine problems, trailer hitches could break – the list goes on. If something like this happens then the trucking company and/or the owner of the truck will be liable.

There is also the possibility of drivers continuing to drive when they should be taking a break. If this happens it is easy for the driver to become over-tired. He could also be under the influence of drink or drugs which of course can play a major part in an accident.

It is even possible for the local authority or city to be liable if roads are not correctly signed or there are potholes which contributed to the accident.

Whatever the reason, you need the services of the best trucking accident lawyer in Harlingen in order to fight your case. Of one thing you can be sure, and that is that the chances of anyone putting up their hand and taking the blame are very close to zero. One of our attorneys will be happy to give you a free consultation in order to ensure that you that you receive the just compensation that you are legally due. Call the office on 956-544-4444 to make an appointment.

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