Trucking Accidents Happen Everywhere – even in South Padre Island (Where Lawyers are Sparse)

Most of the trucks in Cameron County are on the road to and from Harlingen and Valley International Airport, as it is the hub of transportation in Cameron County. However, trucking accidents can happen anywhere – even in South Padre Island – and if you happen to get caught up in one there you will need an expert trucking accident lawyer.

Accident attorney in Brownsville, Texas

Villarreal Law Firm is not in South Padre Island but in Brownsville. However, when you are looking for trucking accident lawyers in South Padre Island you want to be sure that you are getting a team of experts, and that is what we are. We are specialists in auto accidents, no matter where they may happen to take place in Cameron County and beyond, and over the years we have recovered millions of dollars for people who would otherwise have walked away with very little compensation or even empty-handed.

The simple fact is that, no matter what they say in their advertising, the very last thing that insurance companies want to do is to pay out. Why else would they hire teams of very expensive lawyers to argue in the courts here in Cameron County and keep their payments to a minimum? The less they pay, the more profit they make, so if they spend $2 million a year on lawyers and save $3 million, they are a very happy bunch of bunnies! The lawyers are happy, and the insurance company is happy. However, the loser every time is you, if you were the one involved in the accident and didn’t receive the compensation that the law says is due to you.

They Will Run Rings Around You; That’s Why You Need a Trucking Accident Attorney Who Fights for You

Those lawyers will run rings around you if you try to fight your case in court yourself, which is why you need trucking accident lawyers in South Padre Island: that’s us, even though our law firm office is in Brownsville. When they know they are up against you, those lawyers and the insurance company are laughing all the way to the bank, but when they know you have appointed us to fight your case, it is a completely different ball game. We have had insurance companies backing down and settling the claim on many occasions when they know that we are fighting on behalf of a client, because they know that we don’t give up and they know that it is better to settle than spend more money fighting a claim in court that they are pretty certainly going to lose.

So when you need trucking accident lawyers in South Padre Island come over to Brownsville and talk to us. We provide all clients with a completely free consultation.

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