When a South Texas resident has been in a car wreck, the responsible party’s insurance carrier must compensate them for a claim.  It’s the law, and it’s fair.

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Or the resident may need to contact their own insurance carrier. It seems all those years paying a monthly insurance bill should be worth it now. If anyone believes an insurance company is on their side after a car wreck, even their own, they should think again. 

South Texas residents struggling with personal injuries from a car accident, aren’t always thinking straight. It’s not a good time to make snap decisions. And most insurance adjusters hope that’s exactly what happens. When an adjustor contacts the injured person, their soothing voice and promise of “I’ll take care of things and get a check to you asap” may feel comforting. But can a claimant trust the insurance carrier to pay fair compensation for injuries after a car accident?

Here are some questions to consider. 

Q: Does the insurance adjustor put your interests first? 

A: No. Sure, an adjustor may sound like a kind and reasonable person, but that’s their job. Their goal is to put the best interests of their employer first, which is the insurance company, not you.

Q: Does an insurance adjustor expect to settle car accident claim fairly? 

A: They will offer a minimal amount to cover a claimants’ expenses. Insurance adjusters are there to save their company money. They are not there to consider how much time an injured person needs to take off work or how they will cover the ongoing medical bills.  

Q: Should you speak to an insurance adjustor when they call you?

A: Absolutely not. The adjuster will try to get a claimant to admit fault in a personal injury accident. That’s not good for the victim. Allowing an accident attorney to speak to the insurance company is a wise decision. A personal injury lawyer works for the injured, not the insurance. They only get paid once the claimant does and will fight for just and fair compensation after a car or trucking accident (or any other personal injury claim).

Trusting an insurance carrier to pay a claim without legal support may seem like the quickest way to get paid, but will that check be enough to cover every unexpected cost as time passes? Once the claim is settled, it’s almost impossible to go back and ask for more money. If you live or work in Brownsville, Harlingen, McAllen, or other cities in McAllen or Cameron County, you can find the best personal injury lawyer for your case: start with Javier Villarreal.

Don’t stall when using a lawyer to talk with your insurance company

In the state of Texas, an insurance company has fifteen days to acknowledge a claim and get the paperwork to the policyholder. They are required by law to settle that claim within thirty-five days ( Insurance adjustors may use various tactics to stall payment and push a claimant to negotiate for less to meet that time frame. There can be exceptions to this rule, but if you aren’t an expert, you won’t know how to fight for a successful outcome. A best-in-class Brownsville personal injury attorney will not allow the insurance company to use unfair negotiation strategies and lowball a personal injury claim. 

The Rio Grande Valley is a busy area. After a car or trucking accident, the injured person is trying to recover while maintaining everyday responsibilities. Getting quick and adequate compensation is vital to staying “above water” financially. using a lawyer to talk with your insurance company is a smart option. A professional personal injury lawyer can handle the stress of haggling with an insurance adjustor and meet critical deadlines.

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