There’s an old saying, “You get what you pay for.” And that’s true in many cases.  If a South Texas resident is looking for a cheap deal on furniture, they will probably get cheap or used furniture. 

personal injury attorney in Cameron County

If an RGV resident is looking to pay a handyman “under the table,” they want to pay much less than a licensed journeyman rate.  Scammers understand the desire to get something for nothing and it’s a common tactic to offer something “for free.” This can get an unsuspecting person to pay for something in advance without any intention of delivery on the promise. 

Certain insurance and timeshare companies will offer a free special dinner and “informational seminar” to lure in people searching for an unbelievable deal.  That free dinner turns into a big push to sell a more expensive product the guest wasn’t really interested in.  Most adults are savvy enough to understand that nothing is “free.” They may accept the free meal but excuse themselves from the room before the pitch turns into a strong-arm sale. 

Free Consultation with a Personal Injury Attorney

But what if you are interested in a free consultation with a lawyer in South Texas (https://jvlawfirm.net/practice-areas/personal-injury/)?  Is that the same as falling for a sale pitch?  No, because “free” doesn’t always mean “scam.” Respected professionals offer free consultations all the time.  For example, an oral surgeon will provide a complimentary meeting to someone looking for dental implants.  The professional wants to evaluate the situation and see if they can help.  They need to determine if they have the skills to manage the surgery or if they should refer the person to someone else.  If the doctor can handle the surgery, there may be a discussion about the cost, recovery from surgery, and other details.  This free consultation will inform the client and set reasonable expectations before they agree to move forward.  And it’s always in the hands of the client to choose what they want to do.  No heavy sales tactics are involved. 

When it comes to a free consultation with an RGV Personal Injury lawyer, what does that mean?  

A Consultation with a Personal Injury Attorney is also an Interview.

As stated before, a legitimate underlying reason exists for a professional, complimentary meeting.  A skilled expert wants to understand what the individual is experiencing, the details, and their expectations. They are evaluating the situation to determine if this would be a good match. This is why when a South Texas resident wants to speak to the best personal injury lawyer to defend their slip and fall accident they can schedule a free consultation first.

During the meeting, both sides can ask and answer questions.  The lawyer may ask where the workplace accident happened, and what are the injuries?  If it’s a trucking accident, when did it happen, and has the injured person spoken to the insurance adjuster?  In short, a free consultation with a Brownsvile-based personal injury lawyer is akin to an interview.  The attorney is asking themselves if this is a case they can fight. It’s also an opportunity for the South Texas resident to learn more about the lawyers background and expertise. In the end, if the attorney agrees to take the case, it’s on the prospective client to decide what’s best. No hard sell involved!

Let’s say everything has appeared to be legitimate so far. One final way to tell if you are dealing with a real professional is simple. If the personal injury attorney says they want a check “up front” before they take the case, walk away.  That’s an obvious sign something isn’t right.  A respectable legal professional will never ask for a downpayment to represent your personal injury case.  They receive payment once the case is settled with the insurance company.  A top attorney knows how to fight a case and gets paid when their client does.  If you have questions on how contingency fees work, call our Brownsville office today.

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