You Need a Specialist to Fight for You If You Have Suffered Personal Injury

Law firms are big. Law firms are small. There are lawyers. There are paralegals. There are support staff. But if you’re looking for Rio Grande Valley personal injury law firms, you want to find an attorney who will fight for you.

That would be attorney Javier Villarreal. He is not just a personal injury lawyer, but a fighter as well. The problem that you have when you have suffered any sort of personal injury is that, whether you like it or not, you are now in a fight for compensation. Certainly, the person or company that is responsible for your injury may well be insured for exactly the sort of event that has occurred, but the insurance company is not going to put its’ hands up in the air and give you a great big check.

Insurance companies work by charging their clients a premium to cover them for claims for damages. However, they don’t like to payout. In an ideal world, they would never pay compensation at all, because that way they would make more profit. Obviously, they have to make payments, but the lower they can keep them the more profit they make.

Trebles All Round

This is why insurance companies pay very expensive lawyers whose sole “raison d’etre” is to fight your claim and preferably see that you get nothing at all. If that happens, it’s trebles all round as far as they are concerned.

That is why you are in a fight and why you don’t want just any of the Rio Grande Valley personal injury law firms, you want the best: that is Javier Villarreal.

When you have Javier in your corner you have somebody who is going to fight for you for two reasons. He believes that every one of his clients should get the compensation that they deserve. However, there is another side to Javier, and that is that he gets great enjoyment and satisfaction out of defeating his opponents. In fact, if he wasn’t a lawyer, he would probably be a boxer, wrestler, or kung fu expert.

But he is a lawyer, and he loves nothing better than winning. Yes, he fights for a living, and he makes a very good living by the way. But he also gets great job satisfaction when he sees a great big smile on the face of his clients when the judge rules in their favor. When he wins your case for you, it’s certainly trebles all round, but this time it is Javier and you who get to enjoy them.

So if you are looking for Rio Grande Valley personal injury law firms, you don’t need to look any further than Javier Villarreal.

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