A Bilingual Accident Attorney In Cameron County

There are a lot of Spanish-speaking folks here in South Texas and at Villarreal Law Firm we work hard to reach out to them. Most of our staff is bilingual in English and Spanish, so if you’re looking for a “personal injury lawyer” in Harlingen, Brownsville, or South Padre, and you mean, an “abogado de lesiones personales,” we can help you.A specialist attorney is needed in an 18-wheeler accident case in Brownsville Texas or Harlingen

We see only too often the result of accidents causing personal injury, and the effects can be devastating. Just take a slip and fall accident, or accidente de resbalón y caída: the Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports that most general industry accidents involve slips, trips, and falls, and account for 15% of all fatalities from accidents. At the same time, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention says that over 1 million Americans suffer a slip, trip, or fall every year, and of these, between 20% and 30% suffer moderate to severe injuries such as bruises, hip fractures, or head injuries. That’s between 200,000 and 300,000 people suffering injuries which could at best keep them off work for a week or two, or at worst mean they may never work again.

This is when you need an abogado de lesiones personales if you are Spanish-speaking, or the same attorney will be a personal injury lawyer if you are English-speaking. Either way, it doesn’t matter: what matters is that you talk to an attorney who is an expert in personal injury matters, can help you in evaluating your claim, and then has the practical experience to insure that you get full compensation.

Causes Of Slips And Falls en Espanol or Ingles

The leading causes of slips and falls in the workplace are from floors that are wet or oily as a result of cleaning or industrial processes, uneven floor surfaces, bunched rugs or carpets, protruding nails and boards, holes and depressions in floor surfaces, and step risers on stairs that are not even in height. Of course, slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere such as the supermarket, the sidewalk, at the theater, in a park – just anywhere – but the results can be devastating. It doesn’t matter whether you speak Spanish or English – slip and fall accidents make no preference!

Slip and fall accidents are by no means the only cause of personal injury. It can be a result of truck and auto accidents, faulty products, fire, accidental shootings, hazardous construction sites, and more. When it comes to auto accidents, almost two thirds of resulting personal injuries cause permanent damage.

The cause of personal injuries is only important when it comes to assessing compensation and insuring you get the full amount. If you have suffered personal injury and need an abogado de lesiones personales en Brownsville o Harlingen, call us immediately. The only other job you need to do is to get better. Our job is to assess the right amount of compensation and then see that you get it.

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