As lawyers who deal with people suffering from personal injury cases, we know that the pain and struggle begin the very moment the accident happens.

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Whether it’s between two cars, a truck and car crash, or a pedestrian hit by a vehicle, someone will suffer. Someone may be concerned about how they will pay for the damages and return to “normal.” 

For instance, if a Rio Grande Valley resident ends up in the hospital from a car accident, they have several expenses to worry about, such as;

  • How much time will be taken away from work? And is there enough to cover it?
  • Each day in the hospital adds to an enormous medical bill. How much can they afford?
  • If there are children, who will watch them while the parent is recovering?
  • Will there be rehabilitation costs? How will it be covered?
  • Who will pay the rent or the mortgage while trying to get compensated? 
  • If the car is busted from a crash, can it be repaired? What is the price to replace it if it can’t be fixed?

Looking at the list of costly problems from an auto accident, a person might decide to forgo the cost of hiring a personal injury attorney. They might think that’s just another bill to pay. In reality, contacting our personal injury legal team is one of the first and best things to do. Because we work on a contingency basis. This means the injured client only receives a bill after the dispute is settled, and they are fully compensated.

Defending RGV Residents from Large Insurance Companies is our Passion

We are not only Brownsville Texas lawyers, but also Rio Grande Valley residents. When someone comes to us, it’s not just our profession; these people are part of our community. Our clients are family, friends, and neighbors. We travel on the same roads and walk the same streets. Their pain is something we take personally while going about fighting insurance adjustors on their behalf. 

It’s been said that contingency fees can encourage an attorney to settle quickly just to receive payment. That’s not how we do it. We pride ourselves on being the best accident attorneys in Brownsville, Texas (https://jvlawfirm.net/practice-areas/accident-attorneys/)! Every client deserves us to fight for the best compensation and legal outcome possible. We only settle quickly if it’s in the interests of our clients. And if the fight requires extra time to hold insurance adjustors accountable, we’ll do it. 

This may be our career, but the incentive comes from serving our community and helping people. 

How Much Does a Car Crash Attorney Cost? We set Expectations from the Beginning

Contingency fees can vary since the agreed percentage can be different for each case. There are many factors to consider, such as what kind of accident it was. Did the injuries come from a workplace slip and fall (https://jvlawfirm.net/practice-areas/slip-and-fall/) or a car crash with an 18-wheeler? And who are the others involved? What are the injuries the client is suffering from? How many insurance companies are involved? All these questions need to be answered. Then, we discuss our percentage upfront. 

Our clients must be clear on what their contingency fee will be. Setting expectations from the beginning will settle any concerns and help us get to work defending a personal injury victim. 

Some people may wonder if there are any disadvantages to contingency fees. It can depend on the attorney a person chooses. Some attorneys can delivery too little and charge too much. Maybe they don’t take the time to fight harder for proper compensation. We don’t know and we don’t run with that crowd. Our clients seem to only experience the advantages because a fair contingency fee allows people access to justice without going into debt over legal fees. And we believe that when we win, our clients should win too. 

To learn more about contingency fees, Texas Law Help offers some basic information on hiring a lawyer on contingency; https://texaslawhelp.org/article/fees-and-hiring-a-lawyer.

The Rio Grande Valley is a bi-lingual English/Spanish area. We can explain in both languages how we will fight the insurance companies for fair compensation. And we can also talk about the process and how a contingency fee works at our legal firm. There are no barriers to legal representation after a car crash on a Brownsville, Texas road. Or any nearby roads. Contact our bilingual legal team for a free consultation to get clear direction on what we can do to help (https://jvlawfirm.net/free-consultation/).

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