Accidents Are Not Predictable but Trying to Get Compensation for Them Is

Accidents happen. That is why they are called accidents because you cannot predict when or where one will take place. On the other hand, car and truck accidents are, in one sense, predictable. We know they are going to happen, but we just don’t know where or when. In fact, they are so predictable that there is a whole industry that makes money out of them, and it is called insurance.

Getting compensation for injuries in an accident in Brownsville, Texas, is not easy.

Insurance companies know that accidents happen, so they charge you a premium and promise to pay out if you are involved in an accident and get injured as a result. So, they make their money by charging everybody a premium and only start to lose money when they have to pay out. As long as they have more in premiums than they pay out, they are happy. It follows that the less money they pay out, the more profit they make, and it is for this simple reason that insurance companies do pretty much anything that they can in order to avoid paying you.

They Go To Extreme Lengths

In fact, they will go to extreme lengths in order to avoid paying out, to the extent of paying very expensive lawyers to fight you in court. Again, it is all about the numbers. If they pay a lawyer $20,000 to fight a case for them and that lawyer saves them $50,000, they are very happy. Trebles all round!

But where does that leave you if you have been injured in an accident? Any sort of accident, not just car wrecks. You might have had a slip and fall accident in a store. You might have been walking under a scaffold on the sidewalk and a builder dropped something on you. You could have been attacked by a vicious dog which was not on a lead. Accidents happen. They are not predictable, because if they were you wouldn’t get hurt. You would avoid it. Insurance companies don’t like to pay out. That is predictable.

That is why, if you have been injured in an accident – any sort of accident – you need to talk to us at Villarreal Law Firm. We are known as the foremost law firm in the RGV, and in wider Texas, when it comes to fighting insurance companies on behalf of people who have a genuine claim that the insurance company simply doesn’t want to pay.  

We work on the basis of no payment if we do not win your case for you. We will agree a percentage of the claim with you that you pay us only when we have won the case and you have got the money. So, by appointing us to fight on your behalf, you simply cannot lose.

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