Accident Lawyers Know Accidents Happen (Even in Harlingen, South Padre Island, or San Benito)

It is said that there are only two things certain in life – death and taxes. However, we know there is a third: accidents, especially car and trucking accidents here in South Texas.

Accident attorney in Brownsville, Texas

Accidents happen all over the place, every day of the week – even on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. If you are involved in an accident and it’s your own fault you have to shrug your shoulders, bind up the wounds, and carry on with life.

However, many people have accidents that are not their fault. Car wrecks, slip and fall in grocery stores, and dozens of other accidents are very often due to someone else’s negligence, carelessness, or even downright dangerous behavior. It is in these cases that you need to consult a Brownsville accident attorney to act on your behalf.

Sure, the guilty party very probably has insurance, but the problem with which you are faced is that insurance companies don’t like to pay out. We’d put it more strongly than that: they hate to pay out. If they didn’t hate it they wouldn’t spend a small fortune on loss adjusters and lawyers whose sole job is to insure that they pay out as little as possible.

You Have A Fight On Your Hands

So not only have you had an accident and suffered injury, you now have a big fight on your hands against lawyers who know a lot more about the law than you do. This is why you need a Brownsville accident attorney who knows as much about the law as they do. At Villarreal Law Firm we represent clients who have been involved in accidents and we come out fighting. Our job is to get our clients the maximum amount of compensation whereas the lawyers for the insurance company want to pay you minimum compensation – or even better, nothing at all.

You might consider that slip and fall accidents don’t happen very often, but in fact they are the #2 cause of injury in the US, second only to car accidents. There are over a million slip and fall accidents in the country every year and the injuries suffered can be serious or even fatal. Common injuries include damage to the knee, fractured hip, fractures to hands and arms, brain injury, and injury to the spinal cord. Slip and fall accidents can occur anywhere – in supermarkets, in parks, in the workplace, on the sidewalk – anywhere. If you have been injured in a slip and fall case you need a Brownsville accident attorney whose staff are skilled at obtaining maximum compensation for clients in these cases.

Our attorneys at Villarreal Law Firm offer a completely free consultation to advise you of your rights and likely compensation as the result of any accident at all – no matter how trivial you might think it to be. Call us on (956) 544-4444 to make an appointment.

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