Cameron County Car Accident Attorneys, the Villarreal Law Firm Announces New Post on Population Growth and Automobile Accidents

Brownsville, Texas – March 8, 2019. The Villarreal Law Firm, a team of best-in-class personal injury lawyers working in Brownsville and Harlingen as well as throughout Cameron County, is proud to announce a new blog post on what to do after a trucking accident. The new post explains that while trucking accidents do not occur as frequently as car crashes, injured parties should still seek out a qualified trucking accident lawyer immediately. Personal injuries from a trucking accident in Brownsville can affect an individual’s daily life and ability to earn an income.

“There are hundreds of truckers moving along our Texas corridors daily and in and out of both Brownsville and Harlingen. The risk of a car being in a crash with a commercial truck is very real,” explained attorney Javier Villarreal, managing partner at the Villarreal law firm. “Our new post discusses how an injury from a truck can be different from a normal car accident and how to find a trucking accident lawyer in the Rio Grande Valley.”

Residents of Brownsville and the surrounding area can review the new Villarreal Law Firm new post on finding the best trucking accident attorney at  Trucking accidents, though relatively rare, can cause severe damage to a driver and their automobile. Locals suffering from a trucking accident in Brownsville may need a specialized attorney to protect their rights against an insurance company. To learn more about personal injury cases of this type, interested persons can visit the trucking accident information page at

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Here is the background for this release. Several types of vehicles share the Cameron County highways daily. Motorcycles, motor homes, cars, and trucks can all be part of the mix. The most massive vehicles can include commercial trucks. Truckers may be less likely to participate in an accident, but the impact of a trucking accident in Brownsville could leave a smaller vehicle in terrible shape.

A large commercial truck sideswiping a “small” motorcyclist can result in severe injuries. A fender bender with a car could leave a passenger needing years of physical therapy to recover. Fighting an insurance company for fair compensation could be a challenge.

Driving alongside a massive truck on the highway can be intimidating to a motorist. Fighting an insurance company after a crash with a commercial vehicle could also be challenging. The Villarreal Law firm can help achieve fair compensation for drivers suffering from personal injuries. For these reasons, Villarreal Law Firm has released a new informational post about trucking accidents in Brownsville.



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