Car Crash? Car Wreck? Auto Accident? Harlingen? San Benito? What’s the Difference?

Some say tomayto and some say tomarto, some say potayto and some say potarto.

Car accident or auto accident lawyer in Brownsville or Harlingen.Some say car crash, some say car wreck, some say car accident, some say auto wreck. (But nobody seems to say auto crash: go figure!). Whatever you call it you still finish up with a damaged car.

Then there’s lawyer and attorney. Regardless, if you have suffered in a car accident that wasn’t your fault call Brownsville’s #1 car accident law firm. That applies even if you live in Harlingen or the accident you had took place there. Whether it’s a car accident or auto accident Brownsville or Harlingen you need Javier Villarreal on your side, that is you need the #1 car wreck attorney in Brownsville, Texas, and surrounding cities.

After a car accident it can be difficult to know what to do first, especially if you or someone in your car has been injured. Should you contact your insurance company? Should you get your car repaired? It can get very complex understanding what to do and to what damages you may be entitled if you are injured.

There is one thing about a car accident that you can be certain of, and that is that the insurance company of the other driver is not going to put its’ hands up meekly and say “OK, we’ll pay you”. It may be stretching the point a little far, but the purpose of an insurance company seems to be to insure you against anything that is not likely to happen. The less they pay out, the more profit they make. Simple. Nonetheless, in the UK a national insurance company was recently advertising on television “We LOVE to pay out!” Really??!! They have stopped doing it now, so we assume that they have been warned by the authorities.

We Know What To Do: Call a Harlingen, Brownsville, or Harlingen Accident Lawyer Now.

Here at Villarreal Law Firm we know exactly what to do if you have had a car accident or auto accident Brownsville or Harlingen – or anywhere else in Cameron County. You have a fight on your hands and you need the services of someone in your corner who knows how to take on these insurance companies in order to insure that you get the damages and payment that you deserve. The insurance companies have loss adjusters whose title says it all. They are employed to adjust your loss – downwards! They also have teams of lawyers on their side who are paid to defend, delay, and pay you as little as possible.

Of course, these lawyers will use every strategy they can in order to reduce the payout, which is why when you have had a car accident or auto accident Brownsville or Harlingen you need Villarreal Law Firm on your side. We give you a completely free consultation, so call us on 956-544-4444 to book an appointment.

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