Car Wrecks Happen in South Padre Island, Despite the Fact it is Beautiful

South Padre island is lovely. We should know, because at the weekend, our law firm staff often goes there to see the incredible bird life, see the sea turtles that have been rescued, or sometimes take a cruise to watch the dolphins playing.

The beauty of South Padre Island might be a car wreck

However, on other occasions we have to go there on business in order to view the scene of an accident. As car wreck lawyers in South Padre Island, it is sometimes necessary to check out the site of an accident, take some measurements, and so on. When you have been in a car wreck that was not your fault you need compensation for your injuries and for the damage to your vehicle, and our job is to stand up to the insurance company for the owner or driver of the vehicle that caused the accident to see to it that you get the maximum amount of compensation the law says that you are entitled to.

As car wreck lawyers in South Padre Island, even though we are physically based in Brownsville, we know that accidents happen there more often than you would think. People go there to see the bird life and all the migratory birds, but that is actually part of the problem.

“Oh, Look At That”

You see, a driver may be driving along a South Padre Island roadway, taking proper care when his passenger says “Oh, look at that!”. He may take his eyes off the road to see the unusual bird that his passenger has spotted, and before you know it, he has veered into the wrong lane and caused an accident. Unfortunately, accidents can happen because of this, but that doesn’t alter the fact that the other driver is responsible for your injuries that result. That means that you have a claim against him, and it is his insurance company who should pay because that is what insurance companies are for.

However, insurance companies don’t see it that way. They are in business to make a profit, and the way they do that is by taking in more in premiums than they pay out in claims. However, they are in an almost unique position, because they can try to find loopholes to pay you less than they actually should do. Immoral it may be, but that is why they employ teams of loss adjusters and lawyers whose sole job is to find ways to pay you the minimum amount possible.

This is why you need us. As car wreck lawyers in South Padre Island we understand all the loopholes that the insurance company lawyers will try to find, and we block them off, because we also know exactly how the law works. So by appointing us as your champions you can be sure that you will get the maximum amount of compensation that the law says you are entitled to.

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