Don’t Let The Big, Bad Insurance Companies Walk All Over You!

There are over 24 million vehicles registered in the State of Texas, so it is very likely that at some point in your life you will find yourself in a car accident. In fact you would be very lucky to avoid at least one car accident, and of course some unfortunate people are involved in several over the course of the years.

Car wreck attorney in Los Fresno, Texas

One of the things to note about car accidents is that they involve two types of people. One is the driver who is at fault and is responsible for the accident, and the other is the innocent party –or parties – who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Of course, if you are the driver at fault then you can simply hand everything over to your insurance company and let them get on with it. However, when you are the innocent party it is a whole different ball game. You are now up against the other driver’s insurance company – and the big, bad insurance companies do NOT like paying out. In fact, the less money they have to pay out the more profit they make, so they will walk all over you if they can get away with it. This is why you need a car accident attorney who works in Brownsville, Texas, and surrounding cities in Cameron County, Texas.

You Need A Car Accident Attorney.

Whatever you do, do NOT endeavor to negotiate with the insurance company yourself, because it is virtually guaranteed that you will get less than you should. They have teams of very expensive expert lawyers whose job is simply to insure that the company pays out as little as possible. It follows that YOU need a car accident attorney in Brownsville who is big enough and has the expertise to take on these lawyers and fight them on your behalf.

Javier Villarreal and his team of expert Brownsville car accident attorneys are not just big enough to take on the insurance company’s lawyers; they are not scared of them either! They are only too willing and ready to put on the gloves and fight – and when they do, they fight to win! They have recovered millions of dollars for clients in the RGV (Rio Grande Valley), and in the rest of the State as well. They have the training and the experience to take on the biggest of insurance companies and they thoroughly enjoy the challenge.

So when you need a car accident attorney in Brownsville, there is really only one place to go. You can call us on (956) 544-4444, email us at, or better yet just come on over! Your First Consultation is entirely free of charge, and there is no obligation.

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