Getting Hit by a Truck in Brownsville Is a Serious Matter

Getting hit by a truck in Brownsville, or anywhere else in Cameron County Texas, is no laughing matter. Compared with another car, trucks are massive, and they can do a serious amount of damage. You can be lucky to survive a truck wreck, but if you do, you have certain rights. Trucks are often heavily insured, and the dollars are there to pay the damages which are rightfully yours.

A car accident in Brownsville is no fun, even though it is a wonderful city.

However, when you are involved in a truck wreck, although that truck is insured, don’t expect the insurance company concerned to come quietly. They are not going to roll over like a puppy with its’ paws in the air. Far from it.

In fact, the opposite is true. They will fight you tooth and nail.


It is a simple matter of math.

Think about it from an insurance company’s point of view. They make their money by charging huge – some might say extortionate – premiums to their insured, and not paying out!

That’s right. From an insurance company’s point of view, the less they are forced to pay out, the more profit they make. In an ideal world they would never pay anyone at all. OK, that is never going to be the situation, but can you see that paying you is the last thing they want to do?

Very Expensive Attorneys Who Fight Against You

That is why trucking companies here in Texas and elsewhere may employ very expensive attorneys themselves who have one job to do, and one only. That is to see to it that their client, the insurance company, is forced to pay out as little as possible. And to be fair to those attorneys, they are very good at it. That is why the insurance company is happy to pay their outlandish fees, because it will still save money and thus make more profit at the end of the year.

And that is exactly why you need a trucking accident attorney in Brownsville to fight your corner. At Villarreal Law Firm, as a trucking accident attorney in Brownsville, we have obtained over $500,000,000 – and counting – in verdicts and settlements for our clients who have been in car and truck wrecks. And we can do the same for you.

If you have suffered injury, the compensation that the law says you are due can run into hundreds of thousands, depending upon the extent of your injuries and how they may have affected your life. For example, we have had clients who have been confined to a wheelchair and can never work again. It can totally alter the rest of your life.

That is why you need us as a trucking accident attorney in Brownsville in order to ensure that you get the full amount of compensation that you deserve.

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