If You Have a Slip and Fall Accident in Brownsville You Need AttorneyJavier Villarreal

Some of the most serious accidents in the workplace, and in other places involving members of the public as well, are slip and fall accidents.

Brownsville slip and fall attorneys.These can be caused by all sorts of things but are often the result of spills of wet substances which have not been cleared up.

They can also be caused by items which have been left on the floor where they should not have been, meaning that people can trip over them, worn carpet, faulty wood floorings – the list goes on and on. Every floor surface is different, even if it is of the same material as the next floor, because each one will be subject to different amounts of wear and tear depending entirely on the amount of foot traffic it gets.

Then you have warehouses where there are forklift trucks operating and which may have all sorts of different products on shelves which can get dropped on the floor. The forklifts themselves can leave rubber on the floor from their tyres.

Other types of flooring can be inherently dangerous. Then there are slips and falls from height: you could be a worker on a scaffold and slip or trip causing a fall which could result in permanent injury or even be fatal. Unfortunately, these things do happen.

If You Have Suffered A Slip And Fall, You Need Expert Attorneys Here in Brownsville

It’s bad enough when it happens to someone else, but if you suffer from a slip or fall yourself you need Brownsville slip and fall attorneys such as ourselves at Javier Villarreal. When it comes to personal injury which is the result of actions, or inaction, by someone else, we are the experts. We deal with personal injury claims all day and every day.

What’s more, as the foremost Brownsville slip and fall attorneys, we work on a “no win, no fee” basis. That means that if we take on your case it doesn’t cost you a cent unless, or until, we win it for you and get you the compensation that you deserve. So it is simply common sense to come and talk to us if you have suffered any sort of slip and fall accident.

It may well be that a floor looked perfectly good and it never crossed your mind that it could be dangerous, but that doesn’t matter. As the leading Brownsville slip and fall attorneys we can arrange for a simple test of a floor which will determine whether or not the surface of it is dangerous or potentially dangerous.

So if you have suffered any sort of slip and fall accident in Brownsville, or anywhere else in Cameron County, come and talk to us. Our advice is free.

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