If You Survive a Trucking Accident, You May (Still) Need a Trucking Accident Attorney

Trucks weigh an awful lot more than cars and they can do a LOT more damage than if you are in a car wreck, although even those cause more injuries and deaths in the US every year than anything else. However, if you get into a truck wreck and survive, you can count yourself lucky because, unfortunately, a lot of people in truck wrecks do not.

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If you have been involved in a trucking accident, we encourage you to contact us immediately. As the leading trucking accident lawyers in Cameron County we have the expertise you need to claim compensation on your behalf for injuries received in a trucking accident.

There are all sorts of things which can go wrong with trucks, as indeed can go wrong with cars, but it is more likely to occur with trucks because they are constantly on the road. That is what they are for, after all, to carry goods about from place to place, and if they are sitting in a garage doing nothing, the owner is losing money.

Trucks Need A Lot Of Maintenance

The result is that trucks need a lot of maintenance on an ongoing basis, and unfortunately some owners cut corners. If a truck is not properly maintained then it can suffer engine problems, brake failures, and all sorts of other problems which make it a menace on the roads.

Add to that the fact that there are limits to how long a truck driver can drive without a break, but some will continue to carry on driving beyond the permitted hours because there is a financial incentive to do so. As leading trucking accident lawyers, we know this only too well. Fatigue can set in, and it is not unknown for a trucker to fall asleep behind the wheel. Others may take over-the-counter stimulants to help them stay awake which is fine while they work, but not so fine when they wear off. According to statistics, there are around half a million (yes, that’s half a MILLION) trucking accidents in the US every year, and 5,000 of them cause fatalities.

If you have been involved in any sort of trucking accident then you need the help of specialist trucking accident lawyers in Cameron County, and that would be us. There can be any number of reasons for such accidents. The driver could be under the influence of illegal drugs. Mechanical failure may be the responsibility of the truck owner. Even the city could be at fault because of damaged road surfaces that have not been repaired.

Whatever the cause, if you have suffered injury, talk to us at JV Law Firm. We offer all clients a free consult.

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