It Is Easy to Find an Auto Body Shop but Getting Insurance to Pay Is Hard

When you own a vehicle of any description, you have to take out insurance. In most cases, it makes sense to have fully comprehensive insurance which will cover you for any damage suffered by your car, whoever was responsible for the accident that caused it. So, if a car accident is your fault, you are still covered for the repairs by your insurance company. That is both to your own car and the other vehicle, and also any injuries that may have been accident in Brownsville, Texas

The same thing works the other way around, if the other driver was at fault. His, or her, insurance company in Texas is responsible for paying for any injuries suffered by you along with damage to your vehicle.

Now if you have suffered damage to your vehicle in a non-fault accident, you obviously need to set about finding an auto body shop to carry out the repairs. Finding an auto body shop is the easy bit. It is the other part which is hard, and that is getting the other driver’s insurance company to pay for it.

We have said this many times before, but it is necessary to repeat it, because insurance companies to not like to pay out. Unfortunately, their advertising tells you the complete opposite. A couple of years ago in the UK there was a well-known national insurance company which actually advertised on TV “We LOVE paying out!”

Can You Believe It?

Can you believe that? And they got away with that advert for several months until the UK Advertising Standards Authority caught up with them and banned them from running it.

Insurance companies HATE to pay out! All of them. When they pay out, that payment comes off their bottom line. That means that it reduces their profits. So, the less they pay out the happier they are. Trebles all round at the office Christmas party! If they can get away with paying out less.

That means that the insurance company for the other driver will do everything it can to pay you as little as possible, and preferably nothing at all.

This is why you need to come to us at Javier Villarreal Law Firm because we will fight the insurance company on your behalf. Finding an auto body shop is easy. Fighting the insurance company that should pay for it is the hard part.

Fortunately, we have many years of experience of fighting insurance companies. In fact, it is all we do. And we are very good at it. So, if you have been involved in a no-fault accident, call us.

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