Javier Villarreal Law Firm, Top-Rated Personal Injury Lawyers in Brownsville, Announces New Post on Finding Answers after an Accident

Brownsville, Texas – November 26, 2019. The Villarreal Law Firm, a top-rated personal injury law firm in Brownsville Texas as measured by online reviews, is proud to announce a new educational post for the Cameron County population.

Truck accident attorney in Harlingen, Texas.

The post explains the importance of a one-on-one consultation with an attorney after an injury accident, as no two accidents are the same and only a trained attorney can review the facts and the law and provide legal advice.

“Insurance employees are very good at diverting questions by a person trying to make a personal injury claim. Their job is to save the company as much as they can, not help the so-called customer,” explained attorney Javier Villarreal, managing partner at the law firm. “We are not going to mislead anyone about what’s fair when it comes to compensation after an auto wreck. Brownsville residents are free to contact us anytime to get real answers from a no obligation consultation before deciding to retain an attorney.”

Interested residents can review the Q&A page for JV Law at https://www.jvlawfirm.net/if-you-have-suffered-a-personal-injury-you-need-a-free-consultation-with-a-brownsville-attorney/. A Cameron County local struggling to recover after a car crash may try to handle an insurance claim alone. Reaching out for a consult with a personal injury lawyer before moving forward could help ensure fair payment. To review more options, interested persons should go to the personal injury page age https://www.jvlawfirm.net/practice-areas/personal-injury/

To better serve the multi-lingual Brownsville community, the legal team is fluent in both English and Spanish. 


Here is the background on this release. Politicians can use a common strategy in the political world. To avoid accountability, a well-spoken candidate might politely nod at questions but promise little. The tactic can be a typical maneuver used by adjusters processing claims for auto accidents. People suffering after a car wreck in Texas might need to get answers about compensation quickly before the medical bills arrive. A calming voice from a claims agent might sound helpful, but may not directly answer pressing questions. Speaking to a personal injury lawyer in Brownsville ready to answer concerns straight up could help move a claim along.

Smooth-talking insurance adjusters might convince an injured person to sign on the dotted line before thoroughly reviewing their rights.  A bi-lingual local could be intimidated and agree to any terms instead of investigating their rights to fair compensation. It is essential that Brownsville residents clearly understand their rights before accepting a check from an insurance company

A fender bender with an 18-wheeler can leave a working parent without a paycheck for several months. A motorcycle crash can mean years of physical therapy to recover. The result could cause financial and emotional hardship. A team of professional attorneys is ready to answer questions for injury cases in the Brownsville Community honestly. For these reasons, Villarreal Law Firm is proud to announce a new post for Brownsville, Texas locals searching for answers about the value in retaining an attorney after an auto accident in Cameron County. 


The law firm of Javier Villarreal offers a team of attorneys, considered among the best personal injury attorneys in Brownsville, Texas, and surrounding cities in Cameron County. If a person is looking for an auto or car accident attorney, a lawyer with broad experience in trucking accidents and litigation (including 18 wheelers),  there is support. If a South Texas local needs a lawyer for injuries that resulted from motorcycles, boating, or other forms of mishaps (including slip and fall), the Villarreal team of attorneys can help. The attorneys fight for client rights throughout Cameron County – and are known as the top personal injury lawyers in Brownsville and Harlingen, from Los Fresnos to San Benito, and in all of South Padre Island.

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