Some might have thought our roadways would be quieter with more Texans working from home.  Around the pandemic, it was going in that direction.  But now the data proves otherwise. 

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In fact, according to the U.S. Government Accountability Office (, vehicle crashes and fatalities increased during the pandemic.  Some of the reasons cited were irresponsible driving and speeding.  And many accidents involved trucks, vans, and semi-trucks. 

Yes, Texas has a significant manufacturing and agricultural industry.  Passing hundreds of big rigs hauling grain, food, and tools along the South Texas highways is normal.  We understand on average, most truckers are given hours of driving training and do their best on the roads.  So, if truckers are well-trained, what is the reason for the crash increases?

Why are Trucking Accidents on the Rise in South Texas?

A new type of commercial vehicle is here to stay, and that’s for delivery service.  Americans continue to discover the convenience of getting toilet paper, groceries, and other goods delivered straight to their door.  It’s a big reason for the increased number of delivery trucks on our roadways.  The size of their cargo varies, and so does the vehicle.  There are commercial trucks, semi-trucks, and delivery vans.  And that’s why we see more trucks on our South Texas highways. 

With increased deliveries comes a rise in accidents involving trucks in the RGV.  For instance, since 2012:

Crashes involving DHL Express vehicles increased by 100%

Crashes involving UPS vehicles increased by 38%

Crashes involving FedEx vehicles increase by a whopping 254%

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A New Delivery Giant is Clogging Texas Roadways

Whos’ the new delivery giant?  Amazon.  We aren’t trying to single them out, but compared to UPS and FedEx, they are still relatively new to the delivery business.  And the demand for their services far exceeds their ability to keep up.  This has been a problem.  The company relies on contractors and “gig workers” who may use a personal van or truck to ensure packages are delivered. 

The Trucking experience among contractors varies. Some do fine, others are in serious need of more training.  Since 2015 Amazon trucks have been involved in hundreds of trucking accidents.  Here is a recent news report: 

If you’ve been in an accident with an Amazon truck, it may be more challenging than contacting the company’s insurance carrier.  Unlike other shipping services, pinpointing whose insurance handles the liability could be a bit of work.  Since many delivery drivers are outsourced, Amazon might not accept liability. 

Whether it takes working with the delivery giant or speaking to a third-party insurance carrier, our legal team has been down this road before.  We know how to approach all types of commercial vehicle accident and insurance adjustors. Let our experienced personal injury attorneys handle the phone calls and get total compensation after a trucking accident in South Texas.

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