Only One Personal Injury Lawyer in Cameron County is Known as ‘The Fighter’

Cameron County is bigger than you’d think. Well at the last count it had a population of 423,725. It’s also big geographically, at 1,276 square miles. And there are quite a few personal injury layers in Cameron County, but there’s only one Javier Villarreal, and only one lawyer who’s known as “The Fighter” of Cameron […]

Cameron County Road Injury? You Need an Accident Attorney ASAP

If you have been injured in a car wreck in Cameron County that wasn’t your fault, that is unfortunately just the beginning of your problems. You are entitled to compensation, but the insurance company for the party who caused the accident doesn’t like to pay out.

Slip And Fall Accidents Can Cause Serious Injury

Cameron County has its’ fair share of big box stores such as Walmarts, Targets, Home Depot, and other hardware stores. They employ a lot of workers, and although they may take great trouble to train them properly, it has to be said that some of these employees can be extremely careless when going about their […]