As the Population of Cameron County has Grown, so have Car Accidents, Lawyers, and Lawsuits

The population of Brownsville is growing at an almost alarming rate. Back in 1990 the population was around 110,000. The estimated population today is just a shade short of 190,000. That is an increase of nearly 75% in less than 30 years!

Compensation for personal injury.

Unfortunately, along with that increase has come the inevitable increase in autos and Brownsville, Texas, traffic. That also means that inevitably there has been a corresponding increase in the number of auto accidents. Figures issued by the Texas Department of Transportation show that there were 7015 crashes in Cameron County in 2017. Of these, no less than 3080 involved injuries or suspected injuries and there were 39 fatalities. Yes, it is dangerous out there on the roads in Cameron County!

If you have been involved in an accident in the Brownsville, Texas, traffic, or anywhere in Cameron County, that has resulted in injury, then you need to call us at Villarreal Law Firm because you are due for compensation. The big problem that you have is that the insurance companies are not going to come quietly. They don’t like paying out – whatever they may say in their advertising – because every dollar they pay out is a dollar less profit at the end of the year, and they are in business for a profit after all.

Their Accident Attorneys Fight to Pay Out as Little as Possible

Their whole existence goes round in a circle. The less they pay out, the more profit they make. The more profit they make, the happier their shareholders are because they get a bigger dividend. The happier their directors are because they get bigger bonuses. The less they pay out, the lower they can keep their premiums, and the lower their premiums the more new business they will attract. Just about EVERYTHING they do is geared towards paying out as little as humanly possible.

This is why they employ teams of lawyers, licensed to practice law in Texas and here in Brownsville, whose sole purpose in life is to see to it that the company pays out as little as possible. That means standing up in court and fighting your claim every inch of the way. They do NOT want to pay you a cent more than they have to. (And you thought you just had to complete a claim form and they’d send you a check……………………).

That is why you need accident lawyers who practice in Cameron County on your side. We are big enough to stand up on your behalf and fight the insurance company lawyers. They know the law inside and out, but then so do we. Our accident lawyers will fight on your behalf for every last cent of compensation that you are due, and what’s more we won’t charge you anything until you have received it. Then we only charge a figure that we agreed at the outset.

So if you have been involved in an accident in the Brownsville, Texas, traffic just give our car accident lawyers a call. It’s not going to cost you anything at all to meet up and discuss your case.

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