The Second Thing You Need to Do After a Car Wreck Is Important

We all hope that it never happens to us, but the fact is that car accidents in Brownsville and the wider RGV do happen, and they can happen to anyone. If you are involved in a car accident here, the first thing to do is obviously to make certain that you and your passengers, and the people in the other vehicle, are safe.

Many car wrecks happen on South Padre Island.You may also need to call 911 if necessary. That is the first and most important thing to do after any car accident.

But after the dust has settled, the second thing that you need to do is to call an accident lawyer after an accident. And that means a lawyer such as those at Villarreal Law Firm who are specialists in dealing with the law when it comes to injuries suffered in a car wreck that is caused by a third party.

Of course, the extent of injuries after a car accident may only be a minor bruise or two, or there may be no injuries at all. On the other hand, you or your passengers could have suffered serious and even life-changing injuries and be entitled to thousands – or even hundreds of thousands – of dollars in compensation.

Insurance Companies Don’t Pay Easily!

Now that compensation is paid by the insurance company for the driver responsible for the accident, and there could be more than one other vehicle involved as well. Those insurance companies are not going to come quietly and just pay you a huge sum of money, so this is why you need a Brownsville car accident lawyer after an accident who knows all the tricks that they will use in order to keep the amount they have to pay you to a minimum – and preferably nothing at all!

If you stop to think about it, an insurance company makes a profit from collecting money in premiums that totals more than it has to pay out. So the simple equation is that, the less it pays out, the more profit it makes.

That in turn means that it will fight you tooth and nail to keep any payments to a minimum, and that is why you need us as an accident lawyer after an accident in order to fight your corner. If you try to take an insurance company’s lawyer on in court yourself, they will run rings around you.

When you have us on your side, we fight to get you the compensation that you deserve. The first thing to do is to call us for a free consultation so that we can advise you of the best way forward.

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