The Villarreal Law Firm, Brownsville Attorneys for Trucking Accidents, Announces New Post about Specialized Help

Brownsville, Texas – July 29, 2019. The Villarreal Law Firm, personal injury lawyers for the RGV (Rio Grande Valley) and surrounding cities such as Brownsville and Harlingen, is proud to announce a new informational post focused on trucking accidents. As the post explains, Cameron County residents could be ready to relax at local beaches for summer vacation.

accident lawyer reviews Brownsville TexasPreparing for a possible accident with a truck might not be on the checklist, and so it can be essential to carry the name of a top truck accident attorney in the Rio Grande Valley even for short day trips.

“Sometimes, families can’t plan a long and expensive summer trip out of the area. They might decide to the hit local beaches for a day. But a short drive might not equal a safer ride on the road. Trucks are on the RGV highways twenty-four-seven,” explained trucking accident attorney Javier Villarreal, a managing partner at the law firm. “If a truck swerves into another lane in South Padre, Harlingen, or Brownsville, it could mean a day trip just turned into an emotional and financial headache.”

Main trucking routes around the Rio Grande Valley could mean higher chances for a collision with a car or truck. RGV residents ready to prepare for an unexpected trucking accident can learn more by reading the new post at Insurance carriers for commercial trucking companies can be aggressive about reimbursements. Reasonable claims by drivers can be rejected, causing financial hardship. The Rio Grande Valley community can learn about contacting a top truck accident attorney instead of fighting an insurance company alone at The reality is that each community – Brownsville, South Padre, or Harlingen – is unique, each accident is unique, and the legal vs. factual situation of each case is unique. Only a consultation with a skilled and specialized trucking accident attorney can bring insight into a case and help an average citizen defend his or her rights against well-trained and aggressive insurance company attorneys.


Here is the background on this release. Residents in the Cameron County area could have big vacations scheduled outside the state of Texas. A well-organized family might carry personal insurance information ‘just in case’ an unexpected accident occurs along the way. Locals in the Rio Grande Valley area might not be in the position to take several weeks off for vacation. The plan could include easy day trips to the nearby coast. A short distance drive may not need detailed planning, yet unexpected accidents can occur, and some may tragically involve an 18 wheeler truck vs. an average-sized automobile.

Indeed, U.S. Highway 83 can be a popular route for trucking companies. A family driving toward Laguna Vista for a day at the beach can share the road with several commercial trucks. If a trucker swerves into the next lane, a car could be damaged. Quick access to a truck accident attorney in the Rio Grande Valley could be invaluable.

Insurance agencies covering commercial trucks might deny claims for reasonable compensation. A truck accident attorney in the Rio Grande Valley can fight insurance agencies and help a family financially recover from a trucking accident. For these reasons, Villarreal Law Firm has announced a new blog post about trucking accidents in the Rio Grande Valley.


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