Trucks Can Cause Big Trouble, Especially In A Small Town Like San Benito

It’s an unfortunate fact of life in the 21st century that trucks and 18-wheelers can cause absolute havoc when they get involved in an accident, and it happens more often than you might think. It’s bad enough out on the highways, but in the small streets of a town like San Benito, Texas, it can be considerably worse.

Accident attorney in Brownsville, Texas

If you have been involved in a trucking accident – or for that matter any sort of accident – involving a truck you need to call a San Benito trucking accident attorney. That would be us.

Why do you need a San Benito trucking accident attorney? Why can’t you just deal with it yourself?

Well, the short answer is that you CAN do it yourself. That is if you want to take on all of the hassle involved with trying to fight a top class lawyer.

Here Are The Facts about Trucking Accidents, Attorneys, and Personal Injury Lawsuits

Here are the facts: Trucks are big beasts and they have to have insurance. (It’s worse still if they don’t). But you can bet your life that the big insurance companies – and even the smaller ones – will do anything that they can to avoid paying out. After all, they make their money from charging premiums as high as they can get away with, but they make more by keeping their pay-outs to the absolute minimum, and the way they do that is by employing very expensive insurance company lawyers to fight their corner. In short, they are not going to admit their insured is at fault and if you try to fight them on your own you are on to a loser.

Yes, you might have had your car wrecked or you might have had the front of your shop demolished by a truck, but the insurance companies are not concerned about YOU. As far as they are concerned, you are the enemy – even though none of it was your fault.

Now do you see why you need a San Benito trucking accident attorney? You need someone who can take them on at their own game and WIN. You need a personal injury lawyer who knows the Texas laws about trucking accidents, and who will fiercely represent YOUR interests in any potential litigation and/or negotiations.

Think of it this way: you are an amateur boxer. You enjoy the sport, and you have won a few fights locally. Does that make you qualified to take on someone like Muhammad Ali? Let’s be honest – you’d get slaughtered, wouldn’t you?

A Trucking Accident Lawyer to Represent Your Needs

It’s the same with trying to take on the big insurance companies. You need someone who is expert in the fight game and can tackle their lawyers on your behalf. Someone who knows the law inside and out. That would be us – Javier Villarreal, Attorney At Law.

Our trucking attorneys know the law, and we have been in this “fight game” – for that is what it is – for years, and we know how to take on the insurance companies’ lawyers. We are as good as they are, and in most cases better because we specialize in that particular area of the law. It’s what we do.

To find out more call us on (956) 544-4444 or email Your initial consultation with a trucking accident is entirely free of charge and there’s no obligation. Our law firm has an office in Brownsville, Texas, but we can meet over the phone or in person, depending on the circumstances. We serve clients all over Cameron County, from Brownsville to Harlingen, Los Fresnos to South Padre.

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