Villarreal Law Firm Announces New Page for 18 Wheeler Accident Attorney Issues in Harlingen, Brownsville, and Environs

Harlingen, Texas – August 5, 2018. The Villarreal Law Firm, a skilled team of accident attorneys, has announced a new informational page on so-called “18 wheeler accidents.” Texas locals and tourists alike may appreciate a simple vacation at San Padre Island or other beautiful spots in Cameron County, Texas.

Bird life on South Padre Island.However, if a fender-bender occurs with a truck, it may be important to find information on how to locate the best 18 wheeler accident attorney in Cameron County.

“Anyone visiting San Padre Island or other fun spots in Cameron County is there to take a little time off and relax. If they get into an accident with an 18 wheeler, that can turn the situation into a stressful one,” explained attorney Javier Villarreal, managing partner at the law firm. “Our new informational page specifically addresses the details of getting into a crash with an 18 wheeler and how to begin to identify the best attorney for one’s needs.”

Interested persons can review the new informational page on 18 wheeler accidents and attorneys at Helpful support from an 18 wheeler accident attorney in Cameron County can be found on the new page. South Padre Island can be known as a vacation destination for Texas locals and tourists alike. If a trucking accident occurs, seeking help for personal injuries and car damages may be the next move. A similar page has been launched on trucking accident attorney issues as well at


Here is background on this release. A simple summer vacation can be in the plans for many South Texas locals. A San Benito resident searching for an easy weekend getaway could choose to drive nearby to a resort hotel on San Padre Island. Taking a few days off along Gulf Coast to relax can be a quick and revitalizing trip. If a crash occurs involving a commercial truck, however, a vacationer could suffer from a personal injury that can circumvent weekend plans. A trucking company may not be receptive to taking responsibility for an accident. It might be important to find support from a top 18 wheeler accident attorney in the San Benito area.

For these reasons, Villarreal Law Firm has announced a new informational page on so-called “18 wheeler accidents” and how to find an attorney. If a Texas resident has been hit by a truck on San Padre Island, fun in the sun vacation plans could be shelved for a weekend in the hospital. Medical bills can pile up afterwards. Quick compensation due to a crash with an 18 wheeler could be important. Trucking companies may have robust legal teams to help avoid paying a reasonable personal injury and damages claim. It can be smart to find an 18 wheeler accident attorney in the San Benito area. An expert lawyer skilled in trucking crashes around San Padre Island could help stop a trucking company from walking away from personal injury expenses.


The law firm of Javier Villarreal offers a team of attorneys, considered among the best personal injury attorneys in Brownsville, Texas, and surrounding cities in Cameron County. Whether a person is looking for an auto or car accident attorney, a lawyer with deep experience in trucking accidents and litigation (including 18 wheelers), or a lawyer for injuries that resulted from motorcycles, boating, or other forms of accidents (including slip and fall), the Villarreal team of attorneys can help. The attorneys fight for client rights throughout Cameron County – and are known as the top personal injury lawyers in Brownsville and Harlingen, from Los Fresnos to San Benito, and in all of South Padre Island.

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