Villarreal Law Firm, Rated as One of the Best Accident Law Firms in South Texas, Announces Informative Footer for Website

Brownsville, Texas – April 2, 2019. The Villarreal Law Firm, professional personal injury attorneys for Cameron County and the Rio Grande Valley, is proud to announce a website upgrade to support the firm’s mission. The goal to be one of the best accident law firms in South Texas includes a clear objective in supporting the community. A new footer describes the legal team’s skills and a list of personal injury services.


“An important part of our job is to communicate clearly. That means ensuring everyone understands our services and how we support our clients,” explained attorney Javier Villarreal, managing partner at the law firm. “The new footer is a special addition designed to meet this objective. Those in need of a personal injury lawyer can review what we do anywhere on the page. Now, that includes the footer location.”

To review the updated page go to Cameron County residents can review a listing of personal injury cases the law firm manages. Cases include: offshore drilling accidents, boat crashes, 18-wheeler accidents, and dog attacks. Information for work-related slip and fall as well as oil rig accidents can be reviewed by the public. To learn more from one of the best car accident law firms in South Texas. Recent improvements include easier navigation, clear photos and video content.


Here is the background for this release. Communication may seem simpler with the rise of social media, yet essential information can become lost in a cacophony of text and images on a company page. If the public cannot understand what a service offers, it can cause confusion and waste time. Persons seeking one of the best accident law firms in South Texas may need quick answers. Clear images and an easy-to-review list of services can save the public time in deciphering a company’s purpose.

Readers can find an informational footer at the bottom of each page. The footer clearly explains a list of personal injury cases handled by the firm including motorcycle, 18-wheeler and boating accidents. Persons can read about support for work-related services such as offshore drilling accidents and slip and fall cases.
A personal injury issue can require immediate attention from a top legal team. One of the best accident law firms in South Texas communicates services from the top to the bottom of a web page.


The law firm of Javier Villarreal offers a team of attorneys, considered among the best personal injury attorneys in Brownsville, Texas, and surrounding cities in Cameron County. Whether a person is looking for an auto or car accident attorney, a lawyer with broad experience in trucking accidents and litigation (including 18 wheelers), or a lawyer for injuries that resulted from motorcycles, boating, or other forms of accidents (including slip and fall), the Villarreal team of attorneys can help. The attorneys fight for client rights throughout Cameron County – and are known as the top personal injury lawyers in Brownsville and Harlingen, from Los Fresnos to San Benito, and in all of South Padre Island.

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