Brownsville Is a Great City to Live In, Until You Suffer a Car Accident There

Those of us who live in or near Brownsville, love the RGV – the Rio Grande Valley – that is. It’s a beautiful place to live and has some of the best nature around. As Brownsville injury lawyers, we work hard for each and every client to be the best law firm for their interests.

A car accident in Brownsville is no fun, even though it is a wonderful city.However, many Americans unfortunately only know us through the controversy about the border with Mexico. But those of us who live here love it, despite what a certain president says about walls. That is, of course, until we get involved in an RGV car accident here. Then we need an RGV accident lawyer like Javier Villarreal. Then we can get back to loving it again.

It’s a sad fact of life that a car accident can be life changing. It can mean months off work. It could mean that you will never be able to work again and may need permanent care. All of that costs a small fortune, and if the accident was not your fault, you are entitled to substantial damages in order to cover that cost and make some repayment for the fact that your life will never be the same.

Money Isn’t Everything, But Can Make A Very Big Difference

No, money isn’t everything, but it can make a very big difference indeed when you have suffered those sorts of injury. Even if you have not suffered life-threatening injuries, a car accident can still have a serious effect on your overall enjoyment of life. And that is why you need an RGV accident lawyer who will be able to fight the insurance company on your behalf. We love the Rio Grande Valley and its “low key” people; but when it comes to insurance companies, you need an AGGRESSIVE accident lawyer to fight for your rights against the insurance companies. That auto accident lawyer? Javier is the man.

If you think that the insurance company for the driver who was at fault will pay up what you are due, then think again. An insurance company makes more profit when it DOESN’T pay out, so it will do anything it can to try and reduce your claim and pay as little as possible, and ideally nothing at all. This is why insurance companies pay top class lawyers big money in order to fight your claim in court. Think about this: if you would be legally due $500,000 and they pay a team of lawyers $250,000 to fight your claim and they win, and the court says they have to pay you nothing, they have just made $250,000 profit!!

Now that is why you need an RGV accident lawyer like Javier and his team fighting your corner. We are not scared of these big boys. In fact, we like taking them on. We like it so much that if we don’t win your case for you, we won’t charge you a cent. That is how good we are – because you can bet your bottom dollar that we don’t like working for nothing, either!

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