If English Is Not Your First Language, at Villarreal Te Tenemos Cubierto

Everywhere you go in the Rio Grande Valley you see the words “Se Habla Español”, and at Villarreal Law Firm we are no exception. Our team of attorneys, paralegals, and other staff, are all 100% bilingual in English and Spanish.

Se habla Espanol is true for all the team at Villarreal Law Firm.We go the extra mile to help our Spanish-speaking clients get the service that they need. Call us and ask, “Habla español?” and the answer will immediately be “Si, por supuesto!” And we might even add “te tenemos cubierto” tambien.

The fact is that there are a lot of car wrecks in the Rio Grande Valley, and they are by no means the privilege of English speakers. Plenty of our Mexican-American friends get involved in car wrecks as well, and you need the services of an attorney who can talk to you in your own language so that you can fully understand what is going on.

If you are injured in a car wreck that is not your fault, the fact is that it is almost certain that you are entitled to compensation from the other driver. Or in fact, his insurance company. Depending upon the nature and extent of any injury, this could run into thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

They Will Fight You Tooth And Nail

This would be all well and good if it were not for one small issue. That is that insurance companies do not like paying compensation. Oh si, we all know what they say in their advertising, but when it comes to the crunch – or cuando se trata de la crisis – they will fight dientes y uñas to pay as little as possible.

It is actually quite logical because the less that an insurance company pays out, the more profit it makes. It really is that simple.

This is why, when you have been injured in a car wreck, or in any other accident for that matter, that you should talk to us immediately. Se habla Español. At Villarreal Law Firm, we spend all day and every day advising clients who have suffered injuries and are due for compensation, and fighting the insurance companies on their behalf. If you try to fight them yourself, they will, to use an English phrase, take you to the cleaners.

Insurance companies even hire very expensive lawyers in order to try and fight your claim. So much for the one in the UK which actually advertised “We love to pay out!” – until it was banned by the UK Advertising Standards Authority!

So yes, if you have been injured in an accident and are seeking the compensation that you deserve, talk to us at Villarreal Law Firm. And remember, se habla Espanol.

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