Harlingen Accidents Can Happen on the Sidewalks as Well as the Roads

Harlingen has more than its share of all types of accidents: cars, trucks, and yes even pedestrians. As the days are short and the nights long, the darkness means that you can be injured as a pedestrian even if you are walking along the sidewalk minding your own business.

 Pedestrians can become involved in road accidents, even on the sidewalk.

The reason that Harlingen has more than its’ fair share of accidents is largely down to the airport. There are big trucks running back and forth to Valley International Airport at all times of day and night. Unfortunately, trucks can do a lot of damage if you get hit by one, because they are so heavy.

Now, to be fair, it is not always the fault of a driver if a pedestrian should get hit. This writer has personal experience. Some years ago, driving along a main road outside the town, a pedestrian was walking along the sidewalk ahead of me. At the last moment, he stepped into the road in front of me! I had no chance, and I hit him. He bounced on to the hood, and smashed the window. Fortunately, the police realized it was his own fault. He did suffer some injuries, of course, but not too severe.

Accidents Where the Driver Has Mounted the Sidewalk

But there are plenty of other accidents in Harlingen involving pedestrians where the driver has mounted the sidewalk. This could be for several reasons. For example, he could have swerved to avoid an approaching vehicle on the wrong side of the road. Whose fault is that? You can begin to see where we are going with this. It can become very complicated, and that is why, if you are involved in an accident as a pedestrian, you need a pedestrian accident lawyer in Harlingen to fight for the compensation that you deserve. That would be us at Villarreal Law Firm.

We are a specialist firm of accident lawyers who spend our lives fighting for the rights of people who have been involved in accidents that were not their fault. These may be slip and fall accidents, construction accidents, accidents involving animals, boat accidents, as well as pedestrian accidents.

So, if you need a pedestrian accident lawyer in Harlingen, come and talk to us. We are actually based in Brownsville but are known as the “go to” law firm for accident injuries in South Texas. You don’t even need to come to Brownsville if you don’t want to, because we will come out and see you.

As a pedestrian accident lawyer in Harlingen, we work on a “no win, no fee” basis, and so you cannot possibly lose. More to the point, we will fight tooth and nail to get you the compensation that the law says is rightfully yours.  

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