Here in South Texas. It’s “family first.”

For South Texas, family is the first priority the majority of homes. It’s normal to see multi-generational households in the RGV, where each family member has an important role.

Spanish-speaking personal injury lawyers.

Mom and Dad may work while aunts and uncles help pick up the kids from school. Grandma may be there to watch the little ones or make a hot dinner for when everyone comes home at night. The Hispanic culture is known for tight-knit families who help each other. And in a bi-lingual community near the Mexico border, it’s no surprise Spanish is more than a “second language” here. It can be the primary language for many family members. 

According to RGV Health Connect, up to 94.27% are Hispanic or Latino. And 78.76% speak only Spanish at home ( It’s normal for the children to understand both languages, but not all household members do. Mom and Dad might struggle with English from time to time, but they can manage. In comparison, the grandparents may not speak any English at all. Yet, every family member finds a way to adjust to life in South Texas. Even if Abuela came to America from her Latin-speaking country later in life, she’s learned to adapt. 

Yes, grandparents are important family members.  In Texas 50% of grandparents live in a home with children under the age of 18. Over 60% are grandmothers while grandfathers come in at 39.5%. (,%20Texas%20Families%20and%20Living%20Arrangements). Whether it’s Abuela or Abuelo, they are essential to a vibrant and successful household! And as much support and love they bring to their families, sometimes they need some help too. Grandparents who only speak Spanish and have suffered an accident can be unsure how to handle it. They can benefit from a team of Spanish-speaking personal injury lawyers in Brownsville, Harlingen, McAllen and other cities in South Texas.

Your Abuela was in a Personal Injury Accident and Needs Help!

Busy grandparents go out and about the RGV area often. Abuelo walks to the local elementary school to pick up his grandchildren. Abuela strolls to her favorite market to get the best ingredients for her homemade Menudo. Maybe they can drive, perhaps they can’t. Nothing will stop a determined grandparent from taking care of their family! Unfortunately, accidents happen. Grandmothers can walk a bit too slow across the road and get hit by a car. Grandfathers might be extra careful to follow the driving rules only to be rear-ended by a truck driver. 

Maybe they weren’t sent to the hospital but suffered a few bumps and bruises. Perhaps they tell their family not to worry; they’ll be fine. Or they did end up in the hospital and want to get the whole thing over with as fast as possible. They insist on no more doctors and no suing the insurance company! We say don’t allow this to happen. The grandparent may just be afraid to take any action. They could be concerned about their citizenship status or spending money on a lawyer. They could be confused how to fight an insurance company for compensation. Or they could be worried about taking time away from a family that needs them. 

Have No Fear, Speak Up and Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

We understand why a Abuela might be afraid to fight for her right to fair compensation, but she doesn’t have to be alone. We know these fears as a team of Spanish-speaking personal injury lawyers ( Several of our own staff have loving grandparents who struggle with English. Suffering in silence is never the correct answer. As resilient as your grandparents may seem, they are quite fragile. Being hit by a vehicle, no matter how minor the injuries seem, can have lasting effects on their quality of life. Senior citizens take longer to recover. They can also experience related health issues after being in a car crash. 

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