If Spanish Is Your First Language, at Villarreal Law Firm, Hablamos Español

Here’s a strange irony in Brownsville and the RGV: most of the population is of Mexican descent and yet many personal injury lawyers do not advertise whether, or not, they speak Spanish. Well at Villarreal Law Firm we are proud to shout it out loud: hablamos español. Todo nuestro equipo. We are happy to fight for your rights after an accident in either Spanish or English, whichever you prefer.

At Villarreal Law Firm, hablamos espanol

It is important that we can speak both languages absolutely fluently because let’s suppose you are injured in a car wreck and the driver of the truck that hit you is coming up from Mexico and speaks little English. On your day in court, it is necessary to cross-examine him in language that he understands. And it is very often the case that car wreck compensation claims end up in court because the insurance companies do not like to pay out. So, as Spanish-speaking personal injury lawyers, we’ve got your back. Or, if you prefer, te cubrimos.

Of course, another very good reason for us to be Spanish-speaking personal injury lawyers right here in Brownsville, Texas, is that when you have been injured in any sort of accident it is often the case that you have plenty of things on your mind to worry about, and you just prefer to speak in Spanish which is your mother tongue. It helps a lot if you don’t have to think about whether or not you are using the right word or words when you are trying to describe an accident so that we can fight the case on your behalf.

Our Job Is To Fight For The Compensation That You Deserve

At Villarreal Law Firm our job is to work with you and for you in order to fight for the compensation that you deserve. Insurance companies are very happy to pay expensive lawyers to try to defend their position so that they either don’t have to pay out as much as they should, or even pay out anything at all. So, if you try to fight a case on your own, unfortunately they will run rings round you. That is why you need us working hard on your behalf because we can stand up to those lawyers. What’s more, they know it.

This is another big benefit, because although the lawyers are there to fight you, they are also pragmatists. That means that they may advise their client, the insurance company, to give in early in the proceedings if they realize that carrying on further will only cost their client more in the long run in the way of expenses. Lo tenemos cubierto por todos lados, or if you are female, la tenemos cubierta por todos lados.

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