If You Have Been in a “No Fault” Car Wreck, You Need a Specialist Attorney

If you were in a car wreck that was not your fault, the other party’s insurance should pay for your repair. They should “make you whole,” meaning completely repair your vehicle to the same condition it was before the wreck. Therefore, the insurance company may refer you to one of their authorized repair shops in Brownsville, TX.

You need a specialist attorney if you have been in a car wreck.

Now, some of the authorized collision repair shops in Brownsville, TX, may be great. But others may not be so great. The problem here is that even if the insurance company is prepared to pay for the repairs, the repair shop that they authorize may not be one of the great ones!

Why? Well, if you stop to think about it, it is actually logical. We may have said this once or twice before (!) but the plain fact is that insurance companies do not like to pay out. Every dollar that they pay out comes off their bottom line. Equally, every dollar that they don’t pay out is another dollar on their bottom line! The less they pay, the more profit they make. Simple.

So, for this reason, they will usually use the cheapest of the collision repair shops in Brownsville, TX, and refer you to them. Do they care if that repair shop does a great job? Do they?!

As long as they can claim that they have paid out for your repairs, they couldn’t care less about how good the work is. Sad, but true.

You Need Attorneys Who Fight for Your Rights

This is why, if you have been in a car wreck that was not your fault, you need to consult us at Villarreal Law Firm. The fact is that – as personal injury attorneys – we understand the rules of the game. This means that we can, and will, fight the insurance company aggressively so that you get the quality of repairs to your vehicle that you deserve. After all, you don’t want some cheapo “newbie” with a blowtorch “restoring” your Cadillac to its’ former glory. Or even your Fiat 500.

No, you want a proper professional job done, and if that means that the insurance company has to pay out a lot more, so be it.

There is no need for you to accept anything less than the best, and at Villarreal Law Firm we are here to see that you get it. Furthermore, if you suffered injury as a result of the accident, then you also deserve compensation for that, and that could run into hundreds of thousands. You think the insurance company is going to go quietly? Not a chance.

So, whether you suffered injury or not, contact us and let’s ensure that you get the best.

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