If You Suffer Injury in Any Sort of Accident You Can Be Entitled to Compensation under Texas Law

If you’ve suffered an injury of ANY type – car accident, slip and fall, even an injury at work – you have rights. Especially if it’s “not your fault.” But here’s the deal: how do you know if it’s your fault?

Compensation can be awarded for many accident injuries, so a call to a Brownsville personal injury lawyer might be a good idea.

This is why you need a personal injury lawyer in Brownsville who knows about accidents, the sort of compensation that you may be due, and also knows how to fight the big insurance companies who don’t want to pay out.

The problem with most accidents is that you don’t see them coming – at least, not until the very last moment. This can lead many people to think that an accident was their own fault when, in fact, it wasn’t. And it is why you need an injury lawyer in Brownsville to assess the facts.

When we say an injury lawyer in Brownsville, we don’t mean that the accident had to happen here. It just happens that at Villarreal Law Firm we are specialists in dealing with accidents, and we also just happen to be based in Brownsville. The accident could have happened anywhere – Brownsville, Corpus Christi, even to or from the Valley International Airport in Harlingen, Texas.

Many Different Situations

There can be all sorts of situations. For instance, you might be in a store where a customer has spilled something on the floor. Quite rightly, a member of staff has got a bucket and mop and cleaned it up. However, that left the floor wet. Said staff member forgot to put out a sign saying that the floor was wet, and you slipped on it and fell over, injuring yourself. Is that your fault? Of course not. A slip and fall lawyer, might be good to consult.

You could have been at work, and someone was emptying a lot of trash out of an office and put it in a corridor just round a corner. You were walking along the corridor, turned the corner, and tripped over it. Now you might think that it was your own fault for not seeing the pile of rubbish. But it was around the corner for heaven’s sake! You couldn’t see it until the last second. Your fault? Of course not.

Do you begin to see why you need to talk to one of our experts when you have had any sort of accident, whether you happen to think it was your fault or not? You could well be due for compensation, and it could be a very tidy sum too, depending upon the individual situation.

Yes, many accidents cause injuries, but every situation is different. The beauty of it from your point of view is that it will cost you absolutely nothing to make an appointment and discuss it with us. That’s right – we charge you nothing to come and discuss your accident with us!

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