In Brownsville There Is an Accident Lawyer Who Works on “No Win, No Pay”

Texans can be very wary of attorneys. The rates they charge per hour can seem horrific. And it’s true, they do. And in very many cases they have to be paid by the client – whether that attorney wins the case or loses!

Truck accident attorney in Harlingen, Texas.So if, for example, you are getting a divorce and your “other half” wants to take everything you’ve got, you will no doubt instruct an attorney to fight the case for you. However, if the attorney doesn’t win the case and the judge awards against you, you have just lost everything. But you also still have to pay the attorney’s fees.


Fair enough, learning to be an attorney and passing all the exams takes many years of study before being able to earn those sorts of sums. It is not like a job sweeping the streets which, although vital work, doesn’t require a PhD and all those years of training.

Even so, at Villarreal Law Firm, we work solely in personal injury cases, and despite all the years we spent learning our trade, the good news is that we will work for you for nothing if we don’t win your case. That’s right. If we don’t win, you don’t pay!

Our Personal Injury Lawyers Work On A Contingency Basis

We work instead on what is known as a contingency basis. That means that we charge you a percentage, which we agree beforehand, of the amount of money that we win for you. So, if we don’t win, you don’t pay. You cannot possibly lose any money – not a cent! No matter what happens.

Now here is something else to consider: believe it or not, we don’t like working for nothing. Why should we? So, there is more good news, and it is that when you have suffered personal injury and have to fight an insurance company because they don’t want to pay you the compensation that you deserve, you can bet your sweet bippy that we are going to fight like heck on your behalf, because we want to earn our money. It’s simple math: the more money we win for you, the more money we make as well!

So yes, when we win, you have to pay us our dues, which is fair enough. But if we don’t win, you don’t pay.

It is also worth noting that we have a first-class track record when it comes to personal injury claims. In fact, over the last few years we have won over $500,000,000 for our clients. If you have suffered personal injury in any sort of accident, come and talk to us. You can be our next success story!

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